81812X 1 Diaphragm Pump, 11 Ratio, Wall Mount - 2 Pages

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81812X 1 Diaphragm Pump, 11 Ratio, Wall Mount

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1" DIAPHRAGM PUMP, 1:1 RATIO, WITH WALL MOUNT READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING, OPERATING OR SERVICING THIS EQUIPMENT. It is the responsibility of the employer to place this information in the hands of the operator. Keep for future reference. SERVICE KITS Use only genuine Bink's replacement parts to assure compatible pressure rating and longest service life. 863023 for repair of filter / regulator. 862003 for repair of air section in pump. 862020 for replacement of diaphragms in pump. 862025 for replacement of balls and seats in pump. 862026 optional kit for replacement of balls and seats in pump. 818121 (stainless steel wetted parts) diaphragm with stainless steel seats Maximum Temperature Limits____ 35° to 150° F (2° to 66° C) CD The pump sound pressure levels published here have been updated to an Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (LAeq) to meet the intent of ANSI S1.13-1971, CAGI-PNEUROP S5.1 using four mi- crophone locations. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 81812X wall mount pumping system includes fittings, wall bracket, filter / regulators and hardware. The diaphragm pump uses stainless steel balls and seats and PTFE dia- phragms and is designed to be used with waterborne paints. The gun and low pressure air and material hoses are not included. OPERATING AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A WARNING DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM OPERATING PRES- READ THE PUMP MANUAL FOR ADDITIONAL OPERATING AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND OTHER IM- PORTANT INFORMATION. INITIAL SETUP PROCEDURE • Install the connector to the air supply hose. • Attach the ground kit to the ground lug on the pump. • Attach the ground wire to a suitable ground. • Keep containers covered to prevent contamination. • When using an agitator, install a "T" at the air inlet or use a separate 1. Turn the knob on the filter / regulator counterclockwise to zero p.s.i. 2. Place the inlet hose into the container of material. 3. Start the pump to cycle by turning the air filter / regulator knob clock- wise. The pump will cycle several strokes until pressure is built up in the system, at which time it will stop. Check for any loose fittings or North American Office International Office ITW Industrial Finishing ITW Industrial Finishing 195 Internationale Blvd Ringwood Road, Bournemouth Glendale Heights, IL 60139 Dorset, BH11 9LH, England

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