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550 Gun, Airless Automatic Gun

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WARNING — HIGH PRESSURE — WARNING MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE UP TO 3000 POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH • DO NOT POINT SPRAY GUN AT ANY PART OF THE HUMAN BODY • FLUID UNDER HIGH PRESSURE CAN PENETRATE THE SKIN AND CAUSE SEVERE INTERNAL INJURY • IN CASE OF INJURY OBTAIN MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY • BE SURE TO REPORT NATURE OF INJURY AND TYPE OF FLUID OR SOLVENT TO THE DOCTOR Be sure you understand ALL of the following instruc- tions thoroughly BEFORE operating any part of the air- less equipment system. CONSULT YOUR BINKS REPRESENTATIVE TO CLEAR UP ANY ITEMS OF 1. UNDER NO circumstances should the spray gun be carelessly handled nor its spray (even when the nozzle is removed) directed at close proximity to any part of 2. DO NOT operate airless spray gun with tip guard housing removed or altered. 3. NEVER clean, change, or remove the nozzle from the spray gun without first doing the following: a. Shut off pump and, in addition, unplug electrical cord or turn off air supply. b. Release fluid pressure in the entire system, from pump or supply line to spray gun. 4. NEVER attempt to force the flow of liquid backward through the gun (blowback) with your finger, hand, or hand-held object pressed against the gun nozzle. 5. NEVER plug a hose leak with your finger, with adhesive tape, or other "stop-gap" device. 6. NEVER operate the airless system with a defective hose. ALWAYS replace the defective hose immediate- ly. For continuing safety, users are urged to: a. ALWAYS handle carefully all hose connections, joints, and seating surfaces on the spray gun to pre- vent damage. b. NEVER kink or bend the fluid hose into less than a four inch radius. c. FREQUENTLY check the hose for kinks or abrasions. These may develop into a rupture. d. NEVER use standard hardware to modify the airless system. ALWAYS use Binks high pressure fittings only. 7. The airless pump must be grounded before operating the airless spray system. INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Your new Binks 550 Automatic Airless Spray Gun has been thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. No adjustments are required before spray operations begin other than installing the nozzle tip selected. The gun body has four holes which allow the material body to be mounted in any of four positions for convenient fluid hose hookup. The following steps are recommended for obtaining best results from your spray gun: 1. Install spray gun on gun mount and tighten the set screw (9) securely. Note: The mounting hole is 1/2" diameter. 2. Connect air hose to fitting (16). The gun is actuated by air pressure from a 3-way valve. The valve provides air to trig- ger, shut-off, and exhausts air from the gun. The gun should be limited to 200 cycles per minute (maximum). Approximately 40 to 60 psi air pressure is required to oper- ate the spray gun; however, use the minimum air pressure 3. Connect high pressure airless fluid hose to the gun material body assembly (7) and tighten. 4. Remove tip guard assembly (4), nozzle tip, and gasket (3) from spray gun (or remove Twist-Tip if used). Turn on air supply to operate air valve to spray gun. Turn on material supply very slowly and allow spray gun to trigger a few times to purge any entrapped air in fluid system. 5. Shut fluid supply and air supply OFF. 6. Replace gasket (3), nozzle tip, and tip guard assembly (4) (or Twist-Tip) as per safety procedure described in para- 7. Turn air and fluid supply ON and check the spray pattern When the pattern is right, the pressure is right. Excessive fluid pressure will only distort the spray pattern. 8. The spray gun nozzle should be located at such a distance to the product where maximum fan pattern width is evident. This is usually 8" to 14". The spray pattern may be posi- tioned either vertically or horizontally by rotating nozzle 9. "Hour glass" or "tails" on the spray pattern normally indi- cates too low a fluid pressure for the nozzle tip being used; 10. A distorted spray pattern usually means a plugged or worn 11. Using excesive fluid pressure will only cause undue wear Replaces Part Part Sheet Sheet

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In this part sheet, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in minor personal injury, product Important installation, operation or maintenance information. Read the following warnings before using this equipment. Before operating finishing equipment, read and understand all safety, operation and maintenance information provided in the operation manual. WEAR SAFETY GLASSES...

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Binks MODEL 550 AUTOMATIC AIRLESS SPRAY GUN Warning information stamped Keep gland nut (21) tight at Should leak occur at gland Wire assembly (6) will be damaged if leak persists. PARTS LIST (When ordering, please specify Part No.) MATERIAL BODY ASSEMBLY. t Also available in 54-3121 Repair Kit. Please order separately. * Furnished with Wire Assembly (6). ITEM PART 19 54-3059 BEARING SCREW ASSEMBLY.

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Binks MODEL 550 AUTOMATIC AIRLESS SPRAY GUN CORRECT PATTERN "TAILS" "HOURGLASS" "DISTORTION" CENTER LINE INCORRECT PATTERNS (See High Pressure Warni 1. BEFORE proceeding with any maintenance, read safety procedure, paragraph 3, in High Pressure 2. Remove tip guard assembly (4), nozzle tip, and gas- 3. Submerge nozzle tip in solvent to remove dried 4. Blow air through nozzle tip to clean. 5. Airless spray nozzle tips are made of tungsten car- bide and are very brittle. Do not drop. To clean a nozzle tip, use solvent, toothpick or sharpened match. Never use a metal probe. TO REPLACE WIRE...

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FLAT TIP ASSEMBLIES FOR AIRLESS GUNS STAMPED ORIFICE (12" FROM NUMBER (INCHES) SURFACE) PART STAMPED ORIFICE (12" FROM NUMBER NUMBER (INCHES) SURFACE) BINKS TWIST-TIP REVERSIBLE NOZZLE CLEANER The Twist-Tip Nozzle Cleaner allows purging of a clogged nozzle orifice without disassembly from the spray gun. The tungsten carbide nozzle is permanently assembled into the rotatable cyl inder tip insert and handle assembly. No alignment or adjustments are required. AIRLESS TWIST TIP CHART FAN WIDTH ORIFICE SIZE Wood Interior Cabinets, Paneling Stain, Sanding Sealer, Lacquer Varnish, Shellac,...

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