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1433 portada plongee INGLES modelo 1 - PLIEGO 1 CARA A

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1433 portada plongee FRANCES modelo 1 - PLIEGO 1 CARA B

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beuchat SuitS bc ReGuLatORS / LiGhtS / iNStRuMeNtS FiNS / MaSKS / SNORKeLS baGS / acceSSORieS / SpORtSweaR DiviNG ceNteR techNicaL FeatuReS

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beuchat created the rst isothermic diving wetsuit Compensator mask, first mask with inclined glass and extended nose pocket for easy equalising Tarzan wetsuit invention of the rst vented ns, the Jetn Beuchat created the first lady diving wetsuit First beuchat’s regulator : atmos First tri materials fins : Activa VX10 iceberg, First Beuchat regulator designed for cold water diving integration of elaskin Neoprene into beuchat wetsuits begins Launch of the Focea Comfort, which today sets the standard for all Scuba Diving Wetsuits Launch of the Smartskin and MeD c-Zip

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Beuchat is a brand which lives and breathes its passion for the sea and whose history is intertwined with that of scuba diving. Created in 1934, it is the oldest brand and one of the most innovative. Through its innovations, it has made a major contribution to the rise of scuba diving and extending its appeal to a wider audience. In this regard, the invention of the wetsuit in 1953 was a major step forward; divers were now better protected and could enjoy their passion in greater comfort. The concept of comfort, and specifically that of our users, has always been at the heart of Beuchat's...

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abYSS DRY fronT fasTeninG TrilaminaTe drysUiT > Diagonal fastener lets you dress without assistance and offers increased comfort > Waterproof metal zip with pull straps at each end > SI-Tech arm dump valve (manual and automatic) and chest valve > Cone-shaped neoprene wrist seals with latex lining > Internal elastic shoulder straps that can be adjusted and released > Large rubber knee reinforcements and PU bottom reinforcement > Boots with non-slip soles and fin strap stud > Two large zipped pockets with attachment rings > 6mm hood with printed photoluminescent trim and Hood Holder baLtiK...

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Transfers moisture from the inside to the outside Water-repellent polar fleece Transfers moisture from the inside to the outside Outer skin neoprene drysUiT one-piece WiTh polar fleece lininG QUick dry: proTecTion and comforT > High quality preformed anatomical cut > Shoulder dump valve (manual or automatic) and SI-Tech chest valve > Watertight metal zip with protective neoprene flap > Flex System at elbows and knees > Double 3+4mm Elaskin wrist seals with Easy Wave System > Turn-down double collar. Outer collar with Velcro closure and smooth interior > Internal elastic shoulder straps that...

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one piece semi-dry sUiT in UlTra-sofT elaskin neoprene one piece semi-dry sUiT in UlTra-sofT elaskin neoprene > Improved comfort and freedom of movement thanks to the softness of Elaskin combined with the Flex System > Liquid PU outer coating enhances waterproofing and protects seams from abrasion > Interior entirely in Fireskin for maximum warmth > Easier to put on and more freedom of movement with flexible watertight TiZip fastener > Pull tags at each end of the waterproof fastener > External Supratex reinforcements at knees and elbows, and PU seat > Double 3+3mm Elaskin wrist and ankle...

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MED C ZIP HYBRID, WARM AND COMFORTABLE > Full-width elbow-level front zip enables divers to dress without assistance, allows more exibility and avoids discomfort in the back > New Beuchat cut specially designed to offer a exible and comfortable suit with liquid PU covered seams > Enhanced water tightness thanks to a semi-dry zip combined with the 3 mm Elaskin inner shell and liquid seal on the seams > Interior made entirely of Fireskin 2 for optimum thermal protection > Easy access and handling for your own gear and your partners' > Soft polar lining offers a high degree of comfort > 360°...

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FOcea cOMFORt 4 with collar 3-5 & 7mm The BesT comBinaTion of sTylinG, comforT and Technical eXcellence > The aim of the Focea Comfort 4: to maximise comfort, warmth and toughness! > Top quality Beuchat pre-formed anatomical cut made up of 48 panels and 18 different neoprenes > Maximum comfort with anatomical cut, high-quality pre-forming, ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene and the Flex System > Maximum warmth with lining entirely in Fireskin and the Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) to prevent the entry of water > Maximum resistance with Supratex reinforcements at shoulders, knees and elbows >...

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FOcea cOMFORt 4 with collar 5 & 7mm FOcea cOMFORt 4 Shorty with collar 5mm FOcea cOMFORt 4 Shorty with hood 5mm QUiTe simply The BesT one piece WiTh collar coordinaTed WiTh The focea comforT 4 hood coordinaTed WiTh The focea comforT 4 WiTh collar > High range cut using 48 panels and 18 different neoprenes > Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene > Interior entirely in Fireskin for maximum warmth > G-Lock Plus zip fastener at back with Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) > Double zipped wrist and ankle seals with interior turn down cuff > Supratex reinforcements at shoulders, elbows and knees > Universal...

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FOcea SpORt with collar 5 & 7mm FOcea SpORt Shorty with hood 5mm FOcea FiRSt with hood 5 & 6,5mm The essenTial aT The riGhT price coordinaTed WiTh focea sporT WiTh collar for BeGinners and diVe cenTres > Focea cut: preformed anatomical cut. Offers more comfort and more freedom of movement > Preformed for the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a closer fitting suit > Wrist and ankle seals with smooth rolled edges > Back zip with stop at the foot of the collar for more comfort > Collar with anatomical opening at the throat, smooth neoprene lining for enhanced sealing and a fully...

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FOcea FiRSt Shorty with collar 5mm coordinaTes WiTh The focea firsT hood ToUGh lonG-lasTinG TWo-piece sUiT ToUGh lonG-lasTinG TWo-piece sUiT > Front zipper at bust level with stop at the base of collar for improved comfort > Multiple printed reflective markings Colour-coded size markings for easy identification Smooth rolled garment edges > Bottom with shoulder straps and top with attached hood > 5mm neoprene with jersey lining > Preformed for the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a closer fitting suit > Smooth rolled edge seals at face, wrists and ankles > Top with full-length zip...

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