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Catalogue excerpts

iMportAnt inforMAtion ABout BAltic inflAtABle lifeJAckets

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How they operate Inflatable lifejackets have an inflation valve either automatic or manual connected to an airtight bladder. To operate the manual valve you s ­ imply pull the toggle on the right hand side of the jacket downwards with a jerk and the bladder will start to inflate immediately. The automatic lifejacket will operate and inflate once it has been immersed in water for three seconds. The automatic can be operated manually and both types can be inflated orally by the tube. The oral tube is used to deflate the lifejacket. N.B! After gas inflation the lifejacket must be rearmed. Inside...

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Pre-wear check Every time you wear your inflatable lifejacket you should check the following: 1. Check the CO2 cylinder Unscrew the CO2 cylinder anti clockwise and make sure it is not pierced. Screw the unpierced CO2 cylinder back tightly by hand clockwise. A pierced CO2 cylinder is empty and must be replaced. 2. Check the safety indicators and cartridge/bobbin Automatic version: Check both safety indicators. If either of the green i ­ndicators is missing and/or the CO2 cylinder is pierced the lifejacket must be rearmed. Carefully follow the instructions on the next page or the instructions enclosed...

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annual self inspection our ­ ccredited service stations complete an enhanced certified annual a inspection. For further information of our accredited service stations please visit our website: Inflatable lifejackets demand regular inspections whether or not they have been used. Failure to carry out inspections may cause your l ­ifejacket to malfunction. Follow the instructions below to perform a simplified annual self inspection. We recommend that you have one of United Moulders Check the expiry date of the cartridge/bobbin as described on page 6. Repack the lifejacket by following...

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REARMING If your lifejacket has inflated automatically you have to replace the CO² cylinder and the automatic cartridge. Unscrew the CO² cylinders and cartridge. Check that there is a green security clip over the manual lever, attach a new one if this is missing. Mount a new cartridge, make sure it has a green safety pin on the bottom and the date on the cartridge is not expired. Mount a new CO² cylinder, check that it is not pierced before screwing it on. Use only hand force when assembling the parts. If your lifejacket is equipped with the Argus-valve, the two indicator windows will show green...

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CONTROL OF EXPIRY DATES OF CARTRIDGES/ BOBBINS, DEFLATION AND RE-PACKING United Moulders United Moulders cartridge □n the cartridge is printed the expiry date. E.G. 0309, this would denote replace by Halkey Roberts Halkey Roberts bobbin NB. The Bobbin has a lifespan of four years and is printed with the date of manufacture. There are two different formats for the dates. Example 0650, which denotes year 200B on the 50th day. Alternatively Feb19 OGHRC which denotes the 19th of February 200B. In recreational use the bobbin must be replaced no later than the third year from its first use. For industrial...

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Baltic Burst zip – how to reclose 2. Run the slider around the lifejacket, still on the “under-side” of the cover all the way around. 1. Pull the zip over the first stop so the slider only is attached to the “under-side” of the zip. 4. When the lifejacket is closed, make sure you stop the slider at the first stop. N.B. Do not pull the slider past the first stop! Secure the slider with the velcro strap. 3. Fasten the slider to the zip as on a normal zip and pull the slider around the lifejacket to close it. Spare parts for rearming For maximum safety ensure only to fit genuine Baltic spares. The...

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United Kingdom office: Baltic Safety Products Uk Ltd • 7 Compass Point • Ensign Way Hamble • Southampton • SO31 4RA • Tel +44 2380 457 272 • Fax +44 2380 454 747 • Head office: Baltic Safety Products AB (publ) • Box 60, S-545 02 Älgarås, SWEDEN Tel +46 506 369 90 • Fax +46 506 401 96 • • ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Manufacturer of M.E.D./SOLAS approved products

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