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P R O D B A L T I C U C T R E S C U E I N F O R H Y B R I D M A T I O N L I F E J A C K E T Tested and approved to M.E.D. 2002/75/EC SOLAS 74 Regulations III/4, X/3, III/7.2, III/34 and IMO Resolutions MSC 48(66), MSC 97(73) 8.1 & 8.3 (2000 HSC Code), MSC 81(70) and EN 396, EN 1095.

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EN396 TWO YEARS GUARANTEE BALTIC rescue hybrid LIFEJACKET In our newly developed hybrid lifejacket for rescue personnel we combine the advantages of our foam lifejackets with our inflatable lifejackets. The result is an air/foam l ­ifejacket where 77N buoyancy comes from the supersoft buoyancy material and an 185N inflatable twin chamber lung. Together giving a total of 262N buoyancy. Quick release deflation valve By pulling the mouth piece and the hose the quick release valve rapidly deflate the front lung. art nr 1895 Integrated sprayhood Emergency light holder Radio holder Adjustable holder...

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