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Catalogue excerpts

contents Baltic lifejackets sweden inflatable lifejackets Floatation suits Buoyancy aids for active watersports Specialist buoyancy aids All purpose buoyancy aids Safety harnesses and safety lines Floatation clothing Accessories & Spare parts

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baltic lifejackets sweden baltic lifejackets sweden baltic lifejackets sweden Ever since we started the design and manufacture of life- to paddling and fishing. Of course we also have all-round jackets over 30 years ago safety has been our guiding star. buoyancy aids and lifejackets too. Our inflatable lifejackets All our products are thoroughly tested in house before they are among the most popular on the market thanks to the are sent to an accredited laboratory for CE certification. fact that they are compact and comfortable. Whatever your It is not only the in water properties but all the materials plans...

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inflatable lifejackets inflatable lifejackets inflatable lifejackets Inflatable lifejackets are among the safest product to use jacket fits correctly to the body. A poorly adjusted lifejack- when you are out on the water as long as you maintain et tends to transfer the weight onto the collar, whereas and care for them correctly. Inflatable lifejackets function a well-adjusted lifejacket can be worn all day without any using a Co2 cylinder that must be replaced each time the discomfort to the shoulders and neck. lifejacket has been inflated. The cylinder has no specific Many of our models are available...

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inflatable lifejackets inflatable lifejackets Automatic inflation mechanism. Acapulco is an automatically inflatable lifejacket in bright summery colours. Thanks to the soft outer material this lifejacket follows to the body ensuring a comfortable fit. The Acapulco is equipped with a comfortable fleece lined collar, six retro-reflective patches, whistle, detachable crutch strap and a lifting becket. The rearming kits are article no 2433 and 2520. Modeller Unisex Size One size 40 -150 kg Automatic inflation mechanism. Optima is new for 2014 and is equipped with a padded back panel for perfect fit...

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inflatable lifejackets inflatable lifejackets The back of the lifejacket has a softer and more pliable material that makes the Winner 165 The Argus is fitted with a status window so you can check the colored indicators that the equally comfortable both with and without clothing The design includes all the safety attributes lifejacket is ready for use. Baltic burst zip closure (see inspection video). The collar has a of the mono-chrome cousin and features, including detachable crotch strap, whistle, lifting fleece lining for comfort. The wide and comfortable crutch strap can be stowed away when...

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inflatable lifejackets inflatable lifejackets The Ultimate is fitted with a status window so you can check the colored indicators For maximum comfort when motor boating the new GP 150 is padded for extra comfort. that the lifejacket is ready for use. With a redesigned back the Ultimate is better fitting Fitted with fleece collar, quick release front fastening, Argus valve with status window, and more comfortable than before. The collar has a detachable fleece liner for comfort. lifting becket, retro-reflective patches, whistle and detachable crutch strap. The GP 150 The crutch strap can be stowed...

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Floatation clothing The Floatation clothing range is buoyancy aids that are designed to be used and worn as conventional clothing. Jackets and gilets in various models are tested and are approved to the 50N standard, this means that a buoyancy aid will keep you afloat with a good margin of safety but will not turn you on to the safe back position or support your head. Therefore 50N products are only suitable for swimmers. The vests in the gilet style are suitable to wear on the water as well as near the water, with practical outside and inside pockets. The jackets are available in models for recreational...

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surf & turf trend Sandhamn is manufactured using soft pliable floatation material that is snug fitting A comfortable gilet style buoyancy aid with a fleece lined collar, detachable crutch and comfortable. The Sandhamn has a fleece lined collar, inside pocket, two outside strap, D- ring for emergency switch lanyard, inside and two outside pockets with zip pockets, detachable crutch strap, D-ring for emergency switch lanyard and a retro-reflective patch on the back. Model Unisex Surf & Turf Trend Female 5659 Surf & Turf Trend Male 5567 Surf & Turf Trend Male 5668 Female 5658 Surf & Turf Trend Male...

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Top Float is a floatation jacket giving the same inwater performance as a traditional 50N buoyancy aid. Thanks to the new floatation material this jacket is much lighter and more comfortable than traditional floatation jackets. This jacket features two zipped outer pockets and one inside, fleece lined collar, retroreflective patches on the shoulders and fold away hood. The Top Float also has zipped ventilation openings under the sleeves plus a detachable crutch strap. Size S 60-70 • M 70-80 • L 80-90 • XL 90-100 • XXL 100+ kg EN ISO 12 4 0 2 Floatation suits A floatation suit is a safe and practical...

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floatation suits The floatation suit has a new much lighter and softer floatation material.100 % waterproof due to waterproof materials and taped seams. Fitted with exterior pockets, an inside pocket, a high collar and a hood that can be rolled into the collar. Internal braces for optimum fit and adjustable cuffs in the sleeves and legs. Approved to EN ISO 12402 and EN ISO 15027-1 thermal protection. Model Unisex Size • XS 50-60 • S 60-70 • M 70-80 • L 80-90 • XL 90-100 • XXL 100+

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lifejackets A lifejacket is designed to aid the wearer to turn onto the safe back position and support the head so that the airways are above the water. This therefore makes it the obvious choice for all nonswimmers. On all models for newborns up to and including 15 kg, the Baltic lifejacket is fitted with a wider crotch strap that can be clicked into two length positions to ensure a perfect fit. These lifejackets have segmented front panels so that they contour to the body and give freedom of movement. A lifejacket has more buoyancy on the front and less on the back, this ensures the lifejacket...

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