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Catalogue excerpts

lifEjackEtS SwEDEn inDuStrial, OffShOrE anD Shipping p r O D u c t r a n g E 2 015

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M.E.D./SOLAS lifejackets inflatable lifejackets M.E.D./SOLAS approved inflatable lifejackets for demanding industrial use. Double safety through twin chambers. The lifejackets must be equipped with lifejacket lights – various models are available. Inflatable lifejackets with durable PVC cover; very resistant to fish oils, industrial oils, mould, UV-light, heavy abrasion etc. Baltic 210 M.E.D./SOLAS with safety harness The Solas 210 is tested and approved to M.E.D./SOLAS MSC 200 (80) and EN ISO 12402. The Industrial 150 comes with a durable soft PVC outer cover, providing very high resistance to...

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All inflatable lifejackets in our industrial/offshore range are equipped with the Argus valve and inspection window. Emergency Services lifejackets TWO YEARS GUARANTEE Simplifying pre-wear inspection Thanks to the Argus window it is easy to check the status of the lifejacket without even opening the outer cover. Ok for use if indicators are green and stop or check before use if either or both of the indicators are red. A red indicator shows that there could be a potential fault with the automatic cartridge or the cylinder installation. Our 275 Mk2 lifejackets and our inflatable M.E.D./ SOLAS lifejackets...

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Industrial floatation clothing Industrial floatation clothing Robust and durable floatation clothing for working on or next to water. Baltic Dock floatation jacket The classic Dock an EN471 approved floatation jacket has received a face lift with higher quality materials and a significantly better fit. The dock was originally designed to be used exclusively in ports and on board vessels in commercial service. Since then it has quickly became a favourite on board pleasure boats because of its practicality. Waterproof, warm and lots of pockets, not forgetting the high visibility properties. New...

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A hybrid lifejacket for extreme conditions. The buoyancy is provided by both closed cell foam and an inflatable bladder. The Rib has an integrated safety harness approved to EN ISO 12401, lifting becket and twin crutch straps. Also included is an integrated spray hood, VHF/Epirb holder, inspection window for the status of the automatic inflation system plus attachment points for emergency light, name tag and knife. Automatic cartridge art no 2520. CO2 cylinder: 33 g art no 2433 SIZE 40-150 kg Manufactured by combining heavy duty materials, components and innovative design makes the Pilot the number...

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M.E.D./SOLAS lifejackets Technical specifications M.E.D./SOLAS 2010 child Unfolded: Width: 280 mm Height: 100 mm Length: 655 mm Buoyancy: 165N Weight: 0,75 kg Equipped with retro reflective patches, buckle, whistle and lifting loop plus Buddy Line. The outer material is made of durable UV-reflective polyester with floatation material of laminated polyethylene foam. Tested and approved to The Life Saving Appliance requirements of Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC (latest edition), ANNEX A.1, item A.1/1.4 Tested according to the international standard IMO Res MSC.81 (70) with resolution...

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Baltic inDuStrial accESSOriES & SparE partS A L L C O V E R S A P P R O V E D T O E N I S O 12 4 0 2 - 8 Baltic whiStlE A safety orange non-clog plastic whistle. CE- and M.E.D./SOlAS approved. Art no 2508. Baltic rEtrO rEflEctivE kit Two pieces of self adhesive retro reflective tape. Peel off backing sheet and apply to whatever you want. CE- and M.E.D./ SOlAS approved. Art no 2507. Baltic crutch Strap kit 30MM MOltEn MEtal SplaSh prOOf cOvEr Fits all Baltic inflatable lifejackets. The material is soft, pliable and does not reflect light from welding or cutting tools. Art no 2543. A crutch strap...

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how they operate Inflatable lifejackets have an inflation valve either automatic or manual connected to an airtight bladder. To operate the manual valve you simply pull the toggle on the right hand side of the jacket downwards with a jerk and the bladder will start to inflate immediately. The automatic lifejacket will operate and inflate once it has been immersed in water for three seconds. The automatic can be operated manually and both types can be inflated orally by the tube. The oral tube is used to deflate the lifejacket. N.B! After gas inflation the lifejacket must be rearmed. Inside the...

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HEAD OFFICE Baltic Safety Products AB (publ) Box 60 • S-545 02 Älgarås • Sweden Tel +46 (0)506 369 90 Fax +46 (0)506 401 96 • Baltic Safety Products UK Ltd 7 Compass Point • Ensign Way, Hamble Hampshire SO31 4RA • United Kingdom Tel +44 (0)23 8045 7272 Fax +44 (0)23 8045 4747 • ISO 9001Certified Manufacturer of M.E.D./SOLAS approved products

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