2016 Balmar Catalog - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Balmar Knows How To Charge Your Batteries Balmar has been serving the Recreational Marine Industry for over 30 years. We supply DC Charging Products and Battery Monitors to help sailors and power boaters charge and monitor their batteries more efficiently. Balmar is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative technology, expert technical service and product reliability. We design and manufacture: • The highest output and most reliable alternators available in the Marine Industry, including our patented Smart Ready®Alternator designs. • External Multi-Stage Regulators which provide “smart...

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We Know How To Charge Your Batteries This is the essence of what Balmar Products provide. Alternator Power Curve Comparison 240 Amperage Output • More Charging Amps at Low RPM • More Charging Amps at High RPM • 30% Faster, More Complete Charging • Longer Battery Bank Life • Less Fuel Consumption • More Reliable Charging Components • More Accurate Battery Monitoring • Worry-Free Operation The following pages describe how we do it and how to specify a Balmar Charging System for your needs. Stock Alternators Stock “High-Output” Alternators Balmar 6-Series Balmar AT-Series Table of Contents Balmar...

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How to Select a Balmar Charging System There are numerous reasons to upgrade your charging system. Here are some common complaints: • I can’t keep my battery charged! • My current alternator does not keep up with my electrical requirements/load. • I don’t want to run my engine just to charge the batteries. • I don’t want to run my generator to charge the batteries when my engine is already running. • I’ve added several batteries to my house bank, but I don’t think they are being charged effectively. • I operate predominantly at idle speed, but my battery bank doesn’t charge at idle. • I keep burning...

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We Know How To Charge Your Batteries How to Select a Balmar Charging System Step 1: Determine Your Vessel’s Electrical Load Skip this step if you are confident in your house bank’s ability to service your existing vessel loads. Accurate load calculations require precise measurement of your vessel's equipment. Refer to equipment manuals for actual load ratings or consult with a qualified marine electrician to determine your actual needs. The chart at the right provides typical DC marine loads and an example of load calculations. Use this example to configure and calculate your vessel's electrical...

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How to Select a Balmar Charging System Step 3: Select Your Alternator Output Now that you know the battery bank technology and charging profile, you can choose an alternator output which will optimally charge your bank. The chart on the next page shows Balmar's most popular range of small-case, high-power alternator choices for your vessel, along with an appropriate multi-stage regulator and related temperature sensing cables. (Balmar provides a discount when you buy the package). For 70A – 120A requirements, choose a 6-Series Alternator Package. For 165A – 200A requirements, choose an AT-Series...

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We Know How To Charge Your Batteries How to Select a Balmar Charging System Step 5: Determine your Belt and Pulley Requirements ... Continued If the alternator output you have chosen exceeds the capability of your existing belt/pulley system, you can upgrade the pulley system using one of Balmar’s patented Altmount ®Pulley Conversion Kits. Refer to the chart on page 11 to find the applicable AltMount® Conversion Kit for your engine and alternator choice. Here are some additional rules-of-thumb to guide your choices: • Balmar 6-Series Alternators from 70A-100A can perform with a ½” Single Vee pulley....

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Designed for Recreational Applications • • • • • • • • Balmar’s Top Selling Alternator Line 70A, 100A, 120A and 150A Versions Patented Smart Ready® Technology Dual Fan Cooling High Airflow Frame Maximum RPM: 12,000 USCG Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Compliant Ideal for Modest Charging Upgrades Balmar 6-Series Alternators deliver high-output performance in a compact, small-case package and are available in all four common mounting configurations (see page 6). While all Balmar’s high-output alternators are designed and recommended for use with our multi-stage voltage regulators, the 6-Series Alternator...

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We Know How To Charge Your Batteries AT-Series Alternators Designed for Recreational Applications • 165A or 200A in a Small Case Package • Up to 125A at Idle Speeds • Patented Smart Ready®Technology • 25% More Efficient • Dual Fan Cooling, High Airflow Frame • Ideal for Large Battery Banks AT (“Advanced Technology”) Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package. AT-Series Alternators feature a unique hairpin-wound stator design which uses densely wound square copper wire to generate...

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AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits ® Balmar’s Patented AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Kits Facilitate the use of Balmar High Power Alternators • Better Power Transfer • Reduced Vibration and Belt Dust • Quieter Motoring Single Vee pulleys can only support alternator power loads (PTO) of up to 100A for 12V applications (45A for 24V applications). See the chart on page 6. A serpentine pulley provides greater surface contact between the belt and pulley, and thus can accommodate much higher PTO requirements. AltMount Pulley Kits are designed uniquely for each engine listed on the adjacent page,...

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We Know How To Charge Your Batteries New Lower Lower Pricing Pricing YANMAR 2 ND ALTERNATOR KITS (For Use with 95-Series Alternators Only) 48-YDA-4JH-A 48-YDA-4JH-B 48-YDA-4JH-C New AltMount Pulley Kits are constantly under development. If you do not see a kit for your engine, check the Balmar website at www.balmar.net or call our Technical Support line for the latest list of available kits. FORD LEHMAN SERPENTINE KITS Model 48-FSP-100 NANNI SERPENTINE PULLEY KITS Model 48-NSP-3.3 PERKINS SERPENTINE PULLEY KITS Model 48-PSP-410-A 48-PSP-6354 48-PSP-PR-A Engine Models 4107 4108 6.354 PRIMA VETUS...

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