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Catalogue excerpts

Where launching and retrieving goes hands free

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The ultimate launch and retrieve experience No winching, no slipping on the boat ramp, no stress! The Balex® Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) automates the launch and retrieval of your trailer boat. You don’t even have to get your feet wet! No more clambering down the slippery boat ramp to attach the winch. No more cranking on the manual winch or slow unreliable electric winching. Transform your new or existing roller boat trailer into an Automatic Boat Loader for controlled, hassle free launch and retrieval of your boat. ...or control from dry land Control via remote in the boat... Retrieve Launch...

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ABL2500 With enough torque to pull up to 2.5 ton, the patented technology uses a powerful, marine grade hydraulic system to drive your boat quickly and safely on and off the trailer in a controlled manner. The HYDRA has four axes of movement designed to adapt to the hull of your boat. It operates on boat ramps up to 9º degrees (1:6.3 gradient or 16% slope) and is powered by two high torque hydraulic motors, with marine grade corrosion protection. The ‘Hydra-lift’ device allows the ABL2500 Drive Unit to lift 25mm during launch and retrieve. The HYDRA4 Power Unit includes the high-output 1600W Bosch...

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“Once you use it, you will never go without it! The Balex ABL is innovation at its finest, it takes the final pain out of fishing.” Milan Radonich, Big Angry Fish, TV-Host “Every so often a concept comes along that is genuinely “revolutionary” - The Balex Automatic Boat Loader is one of those.” Grant Dixon, Editor NZ Fishing News Hand Electric Winch Winch Distributor enquiries email: sales@balexmarine.com FITS TO NEW OR EXISTING TRAILER NO MODIFICATIONS TO BOAT Free Phone New Zealand: NO MANUAL WINCHING CONTROLLED LAUNCH NO HOOKING ON/OFF Australia: USA/Canada: UK/Europe: WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL EASY...

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