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Catalogue excerpts

Your partner for electrical system integration

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Bakker Sliedrecht designs, assembles, installs and maintains complex electrical installations. With excellent service, we take care of the desired performance of your assets during their entire lifetime. Our roots are in the dredging industry. In the marine sector we also focus on offshore applications. Onshore we provide drive systems and automation solutions in the heavy industries and infrastructural engineering works. Furthermore we supply complete solutions for critical power generation. Bakker Sliedrecht is your partner for electrical solutions throughout the lifetime of your assets. From...

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Electrical package Power generation & conversion Bakker Sliedrecht offers generators to produce electric power in a wide range of designs to fit every application. We understand that generators, rotating and static converters, transformers and no-break installations are vital to your operation. This is why we create systems which are always in full sync with the extreme operational conditions in which you need them to perform. Frequency drives We offer you in house developed compact water-cooled frequency drives which are friendly to maintain. Due to their compact size they...

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Bakker Sliedrecht offers low voltage and high voltage AC grid, DC bus, local DC bus and hybrid propulsion concepts that can be modified to meet your requirements such as a specific sailing profile or fuel saving. Switchboards Propulsion concepts Bakker Sliedrecht builds reliable custom made switchboards with high quality Bakker Sliedrecht offers low voltage and high voltage AC grid, DC bus, local components to meet your requirements. We are capable of making high voltage DC bus and hybrid propulsion concepts that can be modified to meet your requirements such as a specific...

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Automation & Control Add-ons: Power monitoring Modular marine automation The Bakker Integrated Modular Monitoring and Control system (BIMAC) is specifically build for marine application and is the perfect automation solution possibilities for testing designs which for alarm management and control. A clear graphic system visualization enables save time compared to traditional mock- operators to quickly analyze a situation, trace possible failures and efficiently up building. Testing a concept design control the systems. The modular system can be configured to your needs with offers...

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REFERENCE PROJECTS Subsea 7 Pipe lay, flex lay and diving support on 8 vessels DP2/3 In close co-operation with Croon, we executed the engineering, manufacturing and mounting of the complete electrical installations on turn-key basis. These electrical installations are both high and low voltage. The installations include redundant energy system 6x3,600 kVA with low an high voltage switchboard and a propulsion system consisting of 3x2,950 kW azimuth propellers, situated in the aft ship and two rudder propellers situated in the fore ship of 2,400 kW each, as well Specifications: as a 2,200 kW bowthruster....

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REFERENCE PROJECTS STANISLAV YUDIN Seaway heavy lifting vessel Delivered turnkey in just 5 months. The renovation of the STANISLAV YUDIN was carried out to ensure a lifetime extension of 10-15 years. Amongst other things, Bakker Sliedrecht took care of the replacement of 4 drive systems, the replacement of the accommodation systems and renewal of the crane operator’s cabin. We also took care of the replacement of the remote controls of the existing azimuth propulsion and bow thrusters. This turnkey project was delivered in just 5 months. Two drive systems for propulsion drives 3,200 kW: Two drive...

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REFERENCE PROJECTS Boskalis NDEAVOR & NDURANCE multipupose vessel DP2 Boskalis planned to build two multipurpose vessels in China. Bakker Sliedrecht was requested to engineer, supervise installation works and commission all critical electrical installations. We also supplied the power distribution grid, main thrusters, retractable thrusters, bow thrusters and the vessel management system. What is special about this project is the fact that the application of both vessels was determined during the building process. This is why Specifications: we engineered all electrical systems in such a way that...

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REFERENCE PROJECTS Flemish government SIMON STEVIN low noise research vessel This multifunctional research vessel is applied as a part of the Flemish Government DAB fleet and built at the Damen Shipyard “Maaskant”. It will be deployed for various research tasks, the silent mode makes it possible to carry out measurements according the ICES 209, which is one of the highest standards. Bakker Sliedrecht takes care of the complete electrical systems and installation on a turn-key basis. Energy generation is done by three diesel-generator sets of 600 kVA, 3x690 V - 50 Hz, supplying a 690 V switchboard...

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REFERENCE PROJECTS BigRoll 4 MC Class Module Carrier vessels DP2 prepared BigRoll developed a vessel that is specifically designed to deliver modules and equipment for large projects. It is also highly suited to travel to remote areas such as the Arctic regions. BIMAC vessel management system: Bakker Sliedrecht participated in the design of the innovative propulsion configuration which ensures safe, reliable and fast transits with particular focus on low fuel consumption. 4x Main Switchboards 6,6 kV 2x High voltage propulsion systems 5,000 kW 3x Low voltage thruster drive systems 1,500 kW 4x Distribution...

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REFERENCE PROJECTS Boskalis WILLEM VAN ORANJE & GATEWAY trailing suction hopper dredgers The two trailing suction hopper dredgers were built at IHC Merwede for Boskalis Dredging. Bakker Sliedrecht designed and installed the complete electrical installation on a turn-key basis based on the specifications of Boskalis. Both vessels are equipped with our BIMAC vessel management system for alarm monitoring and control Scope of delivery for each vessel: BIMAC vessel management system 1x Intermediate winch motor 410 kW Multiple high and low voltage switchboards Navigation and engine control desks Water-cooled...

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