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BIMAC is the system for monitoring and controlling of essential installations on board of ships / vessels. The primary function of the system is alarm management. Other functions are control eg. tanklevel management, power management etc. Due to it’s modular architecture the system can be used for small applications to very large full redundant applications. Bimac stands for Bakker Integrated Modular Alarm monitoring and Control system. The Bimac system is unique by using standard hardware components. The system is fully developed and maintained by and through Bakker Slliedrecht’ software engineers. BIMAC Bakker Integrated Modular Alarm monitoring and Control system Applications of this system can be found in the dredging, offshore, ferries, tankerrs, survey vessel, patrol vessels etc. Current projects are the newbuild TSHD Panoramix, 10 patrol vessels for the Dutch Governement and lately the renewal of the automation on board of the vessel Nieuwe Maeze of Port of Rotterdam. The BIMAC hardware provides class and type approved, worldleader manufacturers, low maintenance components, worldwide availability and support. The Modular Software structure and architecture, hosts all IMO and Class required and approved alarm, monitoring and control features and is type approved for all possible system configurations. Standard functions – Actual Alarms – Group Alarms Alarm history Locked alarms by process Alarms Inhibited manually Channel Group Display Standard and custom system graphics Data storage and history control Printing and logging System Channels overview Operator Access and control Authorization BINAC configuration and service tools Available function modules – Exhaust gas temperature deviation monitoring – Tank level gauging & content monitoring – Ballast (anti)Heeling control – Bilge / ballast control – Trending monitoring and alarming – Navigation & Propulsion Control HOLLAND SHIPBUILDING JANUARY 2009 -

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– Power Management Control – Custom made control modules – Remote Access Service and maintenance Software The BIMAC software has a very flexible modular architecture, transparent and reliable as each individual software module is operating independently and permanently supervised. Each module is event driven providing efficient high speed data communication between acting software modules. A redundant supervisory software agent is monitoring the general performance of each independent module and overall performance. The architecture and software design methods of each system software module is...

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