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Products and services advise engineering drives automation panelbuilding e-machines (client-specific) installation high voltage revision repair components service maintenance Bimac Bakker Integrated Modular Alarm monitoring and Control system Bakker Sliedrecht Electro Industrie B.V. Bakker Sliedrecht China e-mail solution your advantage

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Power Management Bimac: maximum overview, control and safety - Actual - All Actual - Inhibit - Lock - Disable - Group Remote Diagnostics - Show - Favorites Alarm Service Select Query Delete GROUPS Tank Level Monitoring Process Mimics System BIMAC Watch Responsibility Alarm Service Network PLC overview - Show - Favorites Edit Select Query List/ Graph Ballast Control Change Password Info History logging/Trending NMEA Interfacing Features The Bakker Integrated Alarm monitoring and Control (BIMAC) is the perfect automation solution for medium and large size vessels. BIMAC is primarily used for Alarm...

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Bimac 1 BIMAC basics The Bakker Integrated Modular Alarm monitoring and Control system (BIMAC) is the perfect solution for Alarm Management and Monitoring. BIMAC consists of robust, standard components such as computers, PLCs and wiring components. The Alarm Lists available to the operator include detailed trending and logging functions. Key functionalities: • Alarm presentation and printing • Alarm locks (e.g. engine out of order causes no alarms) • Alarm inhibit (e.g. sensor defect) reactivated after time (e.g. 8 hours) • Alarm groups • Alarm logging including filter functions • Day/night view...

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If an alarm occurs, it will be shown in the Alarm Header at the top of the screen. The first alarm is always displayed in the header (alarm state is blinking). After pressing the Accept button at the lower right of the screen the alarm is accepted (alarm state stops blinking) and the next active alarm (if there is any) will be shown. BIMAC Alarm Header with unattended machinery (WRS) A BIMAC topology consists of one or more redundant servers, client workstations with (touch) TFT screen and/or mouse and keyboard.

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Actual alarm banner General tommandt Scroll Buttons The BIMAC system is easy to operate. Intuitive operation is achieved through use of high-resolution mimic diagrams. Accept Alarms Night view

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HISTORY LOGGING / TRENDING ALARM LOGGING All alarms are logged by the system. There are several ways to query and display the alarm history: • Export to USB stick PDF format (optional) Sample rating depends on the driver used. Sampling rates are between 100ms and 1s. Typical is 500ms. The maximum amount of logged data depends on the available disk space. Complex compression algorithms are applied to decrease used disk space.

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TANK LEVEL MONITORING The Tank Level Monitoring Module serves to monitor the various tank levels, e.g. water tank level, fuel oil tank level, water ballast tank level, etc. Volume, tonnage and percentage can also be shown. The Tank Level Monitoring Module can use two measuring principles: • Pressure measurement • Ultrasonic level measurement Measurements also include trim and list correction, as well as temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation. The tank content is generally presented as a tank table, a series of measurements showing the measured liquid level in the tank, including the...

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Exhaust gas monitoring is performed on diesel engines for safe guarding. Basically safe guarding done at the engine itself and this module is used as a remote viewing system. If no protection at the engine is available this module can also be used to safeguard, slow down or shut The BIMAC Exhaust Gas Monitoring module is based on the following principles: • Maximum value monitoring of cylinder temperatures • Deviation value monitoring, the deviation depends on: oThe load of the engine oThe average cylinder temperatures The settings for the deviation monitoring are made through the diagram shown...

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WATCH RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM / ENGINEERS SAFETY SYSTEM The Watch Responsibility System relays group alarms to the personal cabins, which is required for AUT-UMS notification. The Watch Responsibility System controls various devices installed in the engineers' cabins, in the accommodations and on the bridge (navigation desk), informing the ship's engineers who is the engineer on duty. If the engineer on duty receives an audible alarm and a group alarm text, he must acknowledge the alarm within 3 minutes at the ECR desk. Otherwise a General Engineers Alarm will occur. For personal safety a so-called...

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NMEA FOR INTERFACING WITH THIRD PARTIES Nautical components are generally able to communicate with third parties using a NMEA protocol. The type of data that are exchanged depends on the application. BIMAC is freely configurable. BIMAC includes a module based on the NMEA 0183 Protocol for communication with a VDR device, in accordance with IEC61162-1 regulations. Message configuration is either cyclic-based or event-based: • Cyclic-based: each scan cycle (e.g. 1 or 2 s) the entire group is sent to the VDR, showing the following message configuration: SPAMS <identifier>^communication state with...

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POWER MANAGEMENT BIMAC Power Management is customer-specific, depending on the modes of operation, the number of diesel generator sets, switchboards, the number of circuit breakers and user BIMAC ensures easy and intuitive control. Functionalities include: - Automatic switchboard configuration - Load-dependent start/stop - Diesel mode control, start/isochrones, base load, droop - Power limitation • Generator overload protection - Black-out prevention • (Fast) power reduction for heavy consumers - Black-out recovery - Power transition control • Power control of all transitions of the regular distribution...

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BALLAST CONTROL Control functions are dedicated applications depending on the ship's parameters. For instance, Ballast Control provides complete monitoring and control of all tank gauging, ballast valves, throttle valves, ballast pumps and draught data. BIMAC Ballast Control includes: - Trim and list corrections - Tank level monitoring - Pump control - Registration of load and loss locations (optional) Client : LWH-PC00090 Server : Secondary Personnel Timer : 143. M ^_ i™ U ——| IBM. LI ^_ JiU.U ^_ oc.UU |™—61 JJU.M ^_ 1B3.U Wash water l INFO j" ALARMS J\ ' GROUPS jj^j PROCESS ^ ^ SERVICE

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