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Boat Top Fittings

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Boat Top Fittings Sister Clips - Plastic & Stainless Steel Deck Hinge Fittings - Screw Pin Durable sister clips for drawstrings and ties. Die cast type 316 stainless steel. Mirror polished finish. Nylon Sister Clips Stainless Steel Sister Clips Flat fitting with screw pin Angle fitting with screw pin Concave fitting with screw pin Deck Hinge Fittings - Removable Pin Dodger Hank Die cast type 316 stainless steel. Mirror polished finish. Allow quick and easy attachment on dodgers to guard rails. Smarter than lacing. Wire Size: mm/in Grommet Size Angle fitting with quick release pin Flat fitting with removable drop nose pin Flat fitting with quick release pin Replacement drop nose pin for G625S Replacement quick release pin for G625SQP Lanyard Lanyard is used to attach quick release pin to the deck hinge to prevent accidental loss. Shock Cord Cover Clip Used with a lacing knob or other cord cover clip for a fast and simple tie-down. Does not require tool to set. Now easier attaching system. Stainless steel wire HD Folding Deck Hinge Hinge system compensates for different angles of deck and coamings without the need for wedges. Folds flat when canopy is removed preventing snagging and injury. Manufactured from type 316 stainless steel. Use with G611S, G621S, G631S and G641S. Overall Length: mm/in Black White HD Folding Deck Hinge Order Online: www.bainbridgein

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Boat Top Fittings Quick Release Deck Mount Universal Flat Deck Hinge Spring-loaded release button ejects eye end for almost instant frame removal. Stylish and unique design. Manufactured from type 316 stainless steel. Use with G611S, G621S, G631S and G641S. Die cast type 316 stainless steel. Deck hinge swivels 180 °. Flat Universal Deck Hinge Frame Tube Hinge with Quick Release Pin Part No. Quick Release Deck Mount Heavy duty design and construction. Allows frame folding. Quick release locking pin. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel. HD Quick Release Deck Mount Spring-loaded release...

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Eye Ends • Die cast type 316 stainless steel. • Mirror polished finish. G631SHD    Heavy Duty Eye End for 25 mm/ 1" Tube with 2 Set Screws G641SHD    Heavy Duty Eye End for 32mm/ 1 !a" Tube with 2 Set Screws Jaw Slides • Die cast type 316 stainless steel. • Mirror polished finish. Split Jawslide/Rail Fitting Mounts without the need to disassemble the rail. Ideal for use on rails that are welded together. Simply slide the two halves together on either side of the rail and they interlock. The fitting fastens easily with a single nut and bolt to the rail in the exact position you desire. •...

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Gemlock Pre-Made Strut with Hinge • Completely assembled struts with stainless steel hinges, either 22mm/ 78 inch or 25mm/1 inch tubing, locking sleeve and spring balls. • Uses: folding dodger frames (DropTop™ style), spreader bars on biminis (strapless biminis), stowable dinettes and chart tables, cantilever supports for swim platforms and drop seats, support struts for davits and towers. Gemlock™ Collapsible Frame Hinge The Gemlock™ Hinge System is the most simple and effective way to build collapsible supports and folding frames. • Simple operation: Slide back the locking sleeve and pop...

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Stainless Steel / Plastic Canopy Hinge Fittings These canopy hinge fittings for use on stainless steel tubing have been designed specifically for the marine industry. They are produced from type 316 stainless steel, and white nylon so that they will not corrode. The swivelling base design is unique in that it allows for any possible variation in deck lines to be accommodated, eliminating any need for machining or padding. Fittings End Plugs - Stainless/Plastic White nylon injection molding around 'A inch stainless steel. • Plug can be secured by gluing, with a self tapping screw, or by a...

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Stainless Steel / Plastic Fittings Tube Clamps - Stainless Canopy Slide Kit Economical slide kit designed to utilise off cut tubes for track and slide. Each set comprises: 3 end plugs, 2 support pillars and 1 hand clamp. Clamp comes complete with spacer and screw to use with end plugs. Clamp fits over tube and allows movement of the plug spaceend fitting. Tube (External): mm/in Grab Rail Terminal Fitting Grab rails add an additional safety feature to the canopy and can be easily retro-fitted. Made from type 316 stainless steel with nylon trim. Attaches to the grab rail with standard end...

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Grab Rail Stand Off Fitting Grab rails add an additional safety feature to the canopy and can be easily retro-fitted. • Fixes to the existing frame and clamps to the grab rail. • Fits around the cloth so that no cutting of the material is necessary. • Maximum space between either the terminal fittings and a stand off fitting or between stand off fittings should not exceed 500mm (20 inches). Black Nylon Boat Top Fittings • High strength black nylon fittings. • Excellent resistance to UV. • Works with either stainless steel or aluminium tubing. G621BK    For Use With Tube Outside Dia 22mm/...

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