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Hybrid Marine Solutions - 2 Pages

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Hybrid Marine Solutions
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Catalogue excerpts

INSPIRED WORK I Hybrid Marine Solutions Accessory Power System APSI BAE Systems introduces HybriDrive® marine solutions to increase a vessel's operating efficiency and performance while saving fuel, money and our environment. With more than 15 years of experience in hybrid propulsion, BAE Systems is partnering with leading manufacturers of marine diesel engines to provide complete, efficient propulsion and auxiliary power systems. The Accessory Power System - APS1 provides 28-volt DC electrical power to the vessel. The unit functions as an electronic alternator, completely replacing the conventional belt-driven alternator. It operates by converting power from the hybrid high-voltage DC system directly to 28-volt DC power. This electronic alternator provides up to 545 amps of continuous output, more than enough capacity to power all conventional electric loads, such as cooling fans and pumps, lights, communications, etc.— plus all hybrid cooling systems. APS1 is available for the HDS100, HDS200, and HDS300 systems. Features • Provides ample 24/28 volt DC power for all vessel, hybrid, and accessory systems • More than double the power output of standard conventional alternators • Supports all-electric engine cooling fans • Provides full output even at engine idle Benefits • Eliminates conventional belt-driven alternator (and associated belt) • Improves efficiency and fuel economy • Enables engine-off with lights and ventilation operating at extended stops (excludes air conditioning) • Improves life and reduces maintenance of 24/28 volt batteries • Eliminates hydraulic lines and fluid associated with hydraulically driven fans (when used with electric engine cooling)

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3 Ph Variable Speed 600Vdc Traction Generator (ISG) Propulsion Control System (PCS) AC Traction Motor Energy Storage System (ESS) System Control Unit (SCU) Traction Generator (ISG) Propulsion Control System (PCS) Energy Storage System (ESS) System Control Unit (SCU) BAE Systems 1098 Clark Street Endicott, NY 13760 BAE Systems Marconi Way Rochester Kent ME1 2XX www.hybridrive.com This document gives only a general description of products and services and except where expressly provided otherwise shall not form part of any contract. From time to time, changes may be made in the products or conditions...

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