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Hybrid Assist propulsion system - 2 Pages

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Hybrid Assist propulsion system
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BAE SYSTEMS INSPIRED WORK HybriDrive marine solutions: providing complete, efficient propulsion, and auxiliary power systems. BAE Systems'Hybrid Assist propulsion system for tugboats and windfarm support vessels offers two solutions in one. It not only drives a vessel with electric power while at low speeds, but it can assist the main engine when high-end boost is required. Hybrid Assist propulsion system uses BAE Systems proven components to completely power the vessel or augment the diesel engine increasing the engine's life and available power. Hybrid Assist propulsion system delivers electric power on demand for vessels at low speeds and can provide a power boost to the engine when needed.

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BAE Systems' proven hybrid components to provide four efficient operation modes. Electric Mode: Generators supply power to electric motors for propulsion and power to the vessel distribution panel for hotel loads. Mechanical Mode: Diesel engines provide power for propulsion and generators supply power to vessel distribution panel for hotel loads. Optional Power Generation Mode: Diesel engines provide power for propulsion. AC motors generate power and supply vessel distribution panel for hotel loads. Optional Electric Boost Mode: Diesel engines and AC motors provide power for propulsion simultaneously. Configuration...

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