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Hydraulic systems Bamar presents a complete line of 1 function or multifunction BHP and BHPMM hydraulic panels, 1 or 2 speeds. BHP and BHPMM systems equip hydraulic boom vangs, stay adjusters and other cylinders. The kit is completed by accessories for the hydraulic plant. Moreover, we manufacture an innovative range of special “push and pull” cylinders to control running and standing rigging, hatches motion, etc… POWER-PACKS CYLINDERS ACCESSORIES

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(E02) “SQUARE” hydraulic cylinder with tackle “BPC-TRIM” It is a tackle system operated by a “push-pull” hydraulic cylinder. It has been designed mainly for the management of sheets (mainsail, genoa), but it may also be used for other running rigging (runner). The device is made up by a 4:1 tackle allowing to stow a quantity of line that is four times longer than the cylinder stroke. The anchoring method is simple and fast: two pins, one holding the load, the other one supporting the system, are positioned on the two extremities of the self-holding structure. This spares both boom maker and...

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EXAMPLE OF MAINSHEET APPLICATION 4:1 tackle Anchoring pin (PAC) Cylinder Structural box Boom Oil intake Support pin (PSA) Detachable middle holding bearing (SI) 1:1 Deck PAC = anchoring point subject to total sheet load PSA = anchoring point not subject to total sheet load , required to align the system. SI = middle support It works through an electric hydraulic power-pack to be customized following the requirements of the system. HOW TO ORDER THE HYDRAULIC CYLINDER “BPC-TRIM”: Items of information to be supplied 1. line diameter 2. length of line to be stowed 3. direct entry of line (1:1...

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(E02) “FLAT” hydraulic cylinder with tackle “BPC-TRIM” It is an innovative device for the control of running rigging. It is made by a “push and pull” hydraulic cylinder combined with a system of pulleys. Its flat and “self-standing” structure not only allows for an easy installation (Genoa sheet below deck, halyards on the mast, integrated cranes, etc…), but also reduces its overall dimensions. Oil inlet All Structural box n ope n e f op Hal Cylinder All Anchoring pin ed clos Delrin cheek Sheave 4:1 tackle A S (Max. available stroke) C B Indicative dimensions BPC 90 FLAT BPC 120 FLAT BPC...

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(E03) Cylinder with spherical fulcrum “BSCP” It is an innovative evolution of the standard hydraulic cylinder. It makes use of a special spherical anchoring system to be fitted on the boat’s walls. Easy to install and waterproof, it may solve several dimensional problems. It can be operated either through the boat’s hydraulic power-pack, or through a mini hydraulic power-pack. Applications: aft lockers, lifting platforms, garage lockers, etc… Model Flange dimensions Max pull at 350 bar (Kg) Pull at 50 bar (Kg) Opening speed @ 5 l/min. Stroke Code BSCP BSCP Ø 200 mm 100x120 mm 2860 375 12...

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(E04) Hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder with spherical fulcrum “BSCT” An innovative evolution of the “classical” hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder. It makes use of a special spherical connection on deck which allows for the correct alignment of the stay. Moreover, the system keeps the cylinder body water-tight below deck, thus reducing the overall dimensions of the parts exposed on deck. Mainly indicated for inner forestays and backstays The cylinders are supplied with pressure rod release. Such pressure is charged with a pneumatic valve placed on the cylinder body at the extremity...

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HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER In the following table you will find the data required to identify both the cylinder with spherical fulcrum and the optional accessories for the different applications. 1. 2. 3. 4. choose the model depending on stay diameter determine the stroke length; decide whether the cylinder with standard stroke is enough, otherwise calculate the extra stroke required check whether the deck is structural; if not, you have to provide the cylinder with the below deck eye fitting for tie rod connection. should the cylinder be used for the staysail, we may supply the sail tack eye...

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(E05) Hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder with spherical fulcrum and Mechanical lock “BSCTBM” A new line of hydraulic stay tensioning cylinders with spherical fulcrum supplied with a mechanical lock. They allow for the hydraulic pressure release, while keeping the stay under tension mechanically: fundamental for maximum safety when sailing for long distances. Moreover, the system keeps the cylinder body water-tight below deck, thus reducing the overall dimensions of the parts exposed on deck, and allowing for the correct alignment of the stay, thanks to the spherical anchoring system. The...

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(E06) Hydraulic cylinder for mainsheet traveller ”BCPT” Bamar has come out with a range of double effect cylinders for the control of the mainsheet traveller. It is a complete system, simple to install. It allows for the immediate and safe control of the mainsheet traveller position. It is manufactured with first quality materials made for marine environment. Cylinder body and terminals are made with black hard-cote anodised aluminium; tracks, rods and pins are in polished stainless steel; sliders are made from high load self-lubricating plastics. Two versions are available: BCPT and BCPTB...

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(E06) Hydraulic cylinder for mainsheet traveller ”BCPTB” BCPTB, a classical version, including supports to anchor it on deck. It is completed by blocks to be fitted on the stud extremities to tackle the stroke of the sheet traveller. Special cylinder with double rod Cylinder support Block Threaded stud ROD # WL @ 350 bar Cylinder stroke Kg mm --5560 9940 15180 -12 -17 -22 -30 -40 Rod Ø Reference track length Cylinder code --22 25 30 Extra stroke code mm mm Standard length 100 mm * 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1600 1600 2000 2000 2000 104120121000 104120171000 104120221000 104120301000...

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