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Sailing Hardware Bamar has a wide range of products to equip the deck: motorizations for existing winches, manual stay adjusters, mechanical kickers, external and in-boom furling awnings, passerelles, backstay wire blocks, and custom products made on demand. All products originate from the need of making life on board easier and more comfortable. DECK EQUIPMENT

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Winch motorizations Almost all winches present on the market can be motorized (e.g.: Harken, Lewmar, Barlow, Antal, Barient, Andersen, etc…). However, the winch may be sent back without being motorized, after it has been inspected in our workshop. The motorization equips the winch with either 1 or 2 speeds. This depends on the type of internal reduction gear fitted on the manual winch itself, and not on the motorization supplied by Bamar. For example, recent models from Lewmar have 2 speeds in the manual version, but keep only one when they are motorized. Winches keep 2 speeds only when we...

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WINCHES THAT MAY BE MOTORIZED ON THE CENTRAL AXIS The motorization operates the winch original speeds View of the winch base The reduction gear connects onto the central axis. Therefore the winch keeps its original speeds when motorized. WINCH I Deck L Reduction gear B C Motor MWE model 700 1000 1500 2000 A mm 255 255 255 on demand B mm 63 63 63 on demand C mm 176 176 176 on demand D mm 24 24 24 on demand E mm 310 310 310 on demand F mm 170 170 170 on demand G mm 60 60 60 on demand H mm 105 105 105 on demand I mm 100/120 100/120 100/120 on demand L mm 14 14 14 on demand Watt 700 1000 1500...

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(D20) Hydraulic motorization for existing winches Hydraulic motorizations are fitted vertically. They are manufactured with standard components, in order to make maintenance possible anywhere around the world. The boat hydraulic power-pack may be used to power these motorizations if it has the parameters required for a correct performance. In order to check this possibility, you need to know the power-pack oil flow and pressure in bar. The standard hydraulic winch motorization kit includes: • reduction gear • hydraulic motor • winch handle clutch cap Optional material: • accessories for...

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(F10) Manual stay adjusters A Bamar manual stay adjusters are simple to install and easy to use. These systems are very useful, strong and powerful and may be fitted on small- to medium-sized sailing yachts. G E BTV HAND-WHEEL STAY ADJUSTERS Hand-wheel stay adjusters are supplied with foldable handles. Three models for 5, 6 and 8 mm wire stays are available. The use of self-lubricating bushes reduces to a minimum the friction caused by the screw sliding on the trapezoidal thread drive that allows for high axial loads. L A B F L1 D Pin Ø D L B L1 F E G Pin Ø Optional quick release pin...

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(F19) Quick release pins New range of quick release pins with diameters ranging from 8 to 21.5 mm for 1x19 wire stays from Ø 5 to Ø 14 mm. They are supplied with a s.s. spring. The kit is completed by short strings which help opening and closing the pin and secure it in order not to loose it. They represent the ideal solution for either inner forestay tensioners or standing rigging that need to be “running” with a simple operation. A mm 33 33 33 37 37 49 58 B mm 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 C mm 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 D mm 8 10 12.5 13.5 15.5 18.5 21.5 D1 mm 14 16 18 20 22 25 28 L mm 53.5 53.5 53.5 57.5...

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(G10) Mechanical kicker with adjustable spring Bamar KICKER is supplied with an internal spring that pushes up the boom and gives to any boat: 1. a better control and efficiency of the mainsail 2. easy reefing 3. higher safety as the boom does not fall down anymore. Bamar KICKER is manufactured in silver or black anodised aluminium alloy. It is made of two telescopic tubes equipped with special connecting terminals with integrated pulleys that form a compact line tackle. The line can be either directed to the cockpit or locked onto the KICKER itself by means of an extra tackle. MATERIALS...

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(G11) Mechanical kicker colour (G90) Kicker accessories: various fittings The external tube (L) may be painted white (RAL 9010), code 901050600. Should your mast and/or boom not be supplied with the proper fittings for mechanical kickers, you may choose among the ones presented by Bamar: Kicker model A Mast articulated fitting B Fitting for boom without groove C Fitting for boom with groove - 20 mm C Fitting for boom with groove - 25 mm D Extra tackle with cleat Mod. 100 100 901050401 901050301 901050201 60 75 100 109 500 901050405 901050304 901050103 901050104 901050104 901050104 30 20 28...

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(H10-H11) External furling awning + accessories The main characteristics of this article are functionality and practicality. The awning, made for both sailing and motor yachts, is available with either TREVIRA or DACRON cloth. On sailing yachts, it may be fitted either on both sides of the boom (see drawing), on the foredeck, or on the backstay to protect the skipper. On motor yachts, it may be installed on the roll-bar to protect the cockpit. It is manually operated: you just have to free the locking line and drag the awning to unroll it. A slight pull on the line is enough to roll the...

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(H20) Motorization for in-boom awning “AWIEL” The long experience gained in the design and production of furling systems allowed Bamar to manufacture a motorization kit to be fitted inside booms in order to furl sun- and/or rain-shade awnings (cloth not included in the kit) . The main characteristics of this product are functionality and practicality. You just have to press a button in order to close the awning that will disappear inside the boom foil. Moreover, the mechanism may be blocked in any position, thus offering the desired shade and bettering life onboard. The kit is supplied in a...

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(L10) IROKO arched passerelle “RIALTO” Classical passerelle manufactured with first quality IROKO. It is characterised by its arched shape that, not only gives it an elegant look, but also makes it stable and resistant. Its weight makes it functional. In fact, being light-weight, it is easily stowed along the stanchions. Passerelle length L m 1.8 2.0 2.2 2.6 Weight kg 9 10 11 13 Single pin 180001010000 180001015000 180001020000 180001030000 Double pin 180001010200 180001015200 180001020200 180001030200 The passerelle standard kit includes: • IROKO passerelle • Single or double pin • S.s....

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