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Catalog 2007

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Aqua Lung Aqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to Scuba Diving more than 60 years ago. The excitement and adventurous spirit of that first dive continues today and is reflected in Aqua Lung's dedication to quality and product Innovation. Aqua Lung's growth over the last 60 years has continued with the acquisition of several leading companies that share our excitement and Innovative splrit.The expertise that these businesses bring to Aqua Lung has allowed us to better serve our customers by offering a wider range of high quality diving equipment. Our experience In diving and...

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First stage Aqua Lung, the name itself is associated with the creation of scuba diving.And like every great innovator.we recognize that progress Is made through continuous evolution. Each new Aqua Lung regulator builds on the inherent qualities of its predecessor while Implementing the latest advances in The Legend series of regulators are the culmination of Aqua Lung's regulator design and manufacturing expertise. When Aqua Lung started the development plans for what would eventually become the Legend regulator series, we set out to make the best breathing regulator we had ever produced....

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The Aqua Lung regulator line Is divided Into several different models based upon the design • The Legend series - The Legend series Is our high end range which boosts the most features and beneflts.The Legend 1st stage Is a Diaphragm design which utilizes a proprietary overbalanced first stage to achieve unprecedented performance for the most demanding divers. The Legend 1st stage Is available with either the adjustable or nonadjustable second stage. The Legend series has ACD system (Auto Closure Device). • The Kronos series - The new Aqua Lung KRONOS Is the first regulator to offer divers...

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R e g u l a t o r s RANGE TREE 1st STAGE balanced second stage balanced second stage Adj NAME 1st STAGE unbalanced second stage balanced second stage NAME LEGEND 1st stage piston Diaphragm, balanced diaphragm Over-balanced diaphragm Cold water LEGEND Yoke weight: 1,3 kg DIN weight: 1,2 kg TITAN Yoke weight: 1,1 kg DIN weight: 1 kg TITAN LX LEGEND LX Yoke weight: 1,3 kg DIN weight: 1,2 kg Yoke weight: 1,15 kg DIN weight: 1 kg Air turbo TITAN LX SUPREME Heat exchanger LEGEND SUPREME Sensitivity adjustment Yoke weight: 1,4 kg DIN weight: 1,3 kg Yoke weight: 1,2 kg DIN weight: 1,1 kg TITAN...

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The new Aqua Lung KRONOS is the first regulator to offer divers a combined adjuster for the injection and the opening resistance along with a lateral bubble deflector. A diver should be able to enjoy the clearest view possible of the underwater scene when diving. During an exhalation, his view of the underwater marine life and his buddy divers may become obscured patented Side'X deflector of the Kronos ejects the bubbles on just one side, leaving his field of vision The Side'X Is located on the hose side of the second stage. This design allows the energy of the exhalation phase to be used...

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The Aqua Lung Legend ACD Series features a variety of second stages all specially constructed and tuned to function properly with the overbalanced Legend Diaphragm First Stage. The Legend ACD series uses a standard yoke connector and an optional DIN adapter is available performance from Aqua Lung: a The Legend LX diaphragm first stage completely sealed unit with the ease of breathing and quality construction common to all Aqua Lung regulators. The Legend LX adjustable balanced second stage delivers air with consistent ease regardless of tank pressure and Is near neutrally buoyant In the...

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cold-water version of the Legend LX "snowflake" which is laser-etched into the case, and by the sliver accent ring the following cold water features: • Specifically adjusted to pass the stringent European Standards for cold-water regulator performance • A mouthpiece lip shield for warmth • Built-in heat exchanger. |T| The MP pressure Increases because the piston of the dry chamber transmit for an equivalent depth a stronger force. During the descent, the MP Increase faster than the system (Asymétrie Dry Chamber). TECHNICAL CORNER [s] Heat exchangers : Conducts the temperature of the...

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Titan Series The Titan regulator series features a balanced diaphragm first stage that Is equipped with the "Air Turbo System", an additional channel built Into the first stage designed to boost the The Titan series uses a standard yoke The Aqua Lung Mistral Is the first modern twin hose regulator to pass the tests for the European Standards Some divers want to maintain a completely clear field of vision when under water. Photographers, archaeologists, biologists and other specialists will appreciate the MIstral.The exhaust bubbles are released at the diver's back. Instead of working with...

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coldwater version of the Titan LX "snowflake" seen on the front of the case. It is matched with the same Titan first stage as found on the other Titan models, and shares the same performance features as the • The addition of a first stage prevent ice from forming in the first stage • Specifically adjusted to pass the stringent European Standards for coldwater regulator performance warmth In extreme cold. Titan balanced diaphragm first stage. High performances, mid sized second In line Venturi Adjustment Switch (VAS), reduces sensitivity to free flow New exhaust tee splits up bubbles and...

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Calypso Serie A regulator with plenty of ideas. Lighter, quiter with improved performance whilst remaining extremly ecocomic. It is the worthy succesor of the Calypso, Ranger and Club serles.The new components are compatible for the previous models. Calypso breathing curve Overall Work Of Breathing: Maximum Limit: Ventilation Rate: Inlet Pressure: • Single piston regulator in line. • Six big openings for better hydrostatic balancing and more performances. • Developed for cold water diving (EC certified). • High performances, mid-sized second stage • In line Venturi Adjustment Switch (VAS),...

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