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APV Brochure 2011

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company has grown at a phenomenal rate from a small family business to OUT current position as UK market leaders jnd seilFna in over 50 countries - Ki[}j>iVinE sport and proiessronal clivers, military, search & rescue and This catalogue introduces the new BUDDY range en BCDs with reflex:J ecticn to date, building qualities that have always unrivalled leve 12.1 Tpkwing and Tekwing Lite 16.1 Reflex Modular Sysiem 18.1 Size Guide and Specification

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More and mm ot 10 cvoy year \-cntwv out into the blue - ami the green - in search orf thai unique expedience that only diving can offer. For tome. It Is all About the challenge, the rush, the nek even * to push the limit*. For other- the aaVenture r» more relaxed: the sheer magic erf experiencing vt^htles&nes$, gliding down through dear blue water to explore wreck* and reefs. 10 peer at the arrange and wonderful creatures thai live there and maybe capture it all on camera. WrunMT our cndrvidiul motrvarton to di w\ the truth nr m the ocean we arc entering a world v*e are tundarncntally not...

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been inspired by diving orf all kinds ftx cwr 35 year* and rt Is this died involvement in the sport til j! It 3> played a Urge pan in compelling us to manufacture dive equipment of the highest build quality, ihM performs the essential talk* lUwfcssly and grves the diver complete ccniml over th dive - in short, to make drve kit wo an? 100% happy to use as dlven ourselves. The new 2007 BUDDY range continues this irattnon of excellence in (unction md rehabdiiy And adds to rt the inrtovarive new reflei sywem driixmng unnvaUcd levels of comfort, cuoom* performance Enjoy drying and dive safe.

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The new BUDDY BCD range incorporating re::flex technology raises the bar in terms of comfort, performance and quality in buoyancy control design. Take the time to understand the essential features that make BUDDY jackets unique among BCDs. complete control More than just a quality BCD - BUDDY jackets are Dive Safety Devices - packed with innovative ideas that give you complete control underwater and offer a variety of emergency breathing and buoyancy options - always within reach choice of emergency breathing valves breathing vata. IP oi wtutcm njg-j laxir n n Yo'j have a choice of high...

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All BUDDY jackets feature our unique element:: adjustable backback, harness and waistband system which is anatomically contoured, fully padded throughout and allows fine-tune fitting between the standard sizes, offering a BCD with a tailored, precise, comfort-fit to your unique body shape, This involves a One-Ttme Setup of just 3 adjustments backpack adjustment Fixed length backpacks make no allowance for the fact that people have different torso lengths and so for some the pressure of the cylinder is exerted either too low or too high on the back, directly onto the unprotected spine...

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BUDDY BCDs are produced almost entirely in-house allowing us complete control over the whole manufacturing process; ensuring quality is maintained at every stage from the highest materials specification, to design, testing, refining and styling through to the assembly of the finished product. When you buy a BUDDY you are buying a unique product * engineered and built by divers like yourselves. Here are some of the key features quality & performance A.P. Valves are the only manufacturer to specify dual bag construction as an essential feature across our entire range* Dual bag construction is...

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Strobe Aftjchmcni Pttnl Surfw Steel D rings * welded ard pmim » 3CT at ■ha shtyjideri to surd*o£ /or cjsy ICUHMI *H St_;MT Strong >Onm sicW-rr4eJ» bucW** - Upper Chest Strap* *6 clasur^uid expansion Alway^ta-hand rapd rrspomc dmip'cner.pressortf nh« »at shcjldor jrd kidney; wnh largo cosy, fird pUl d^mp knobs* The shojlder put) dump if ragaovDly booyart while the kidney pott Gbmp floats for easy Location when oiving head down Third fhoiifkr rthawt. oier-pressure vary* builr inn the irrlaxir assembly allows foe onc-hartdod inflauvoump buoyancy control Sa*ny Strap velcro secured FcVoU neatly...

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r BUODY Compunda it prolubh the moil bmoui BCD nvr bull. m originally dtvdoped to meet tfrc puniihinj; tfcmindi of *t*iry 5AK dwm * and b 1 fcn wwe lodjy. U tofaequcntly let* the *pon And ttdvtkj dmng marict by «m (wiling it* nviKfcr over 20 yvm

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st famous BCD ever built

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■ Sew etemenl :: comfort-fit system - anaaomicillv cixnou/ed lu'Lv piddtd and adjustable 10 the finest degre* * ihoulcWi. waifl and back pltto ■ Optional Raped Rclrjvc System far nl^er interfiled werphtx or caf£0 elppt ■ J e*y-gnp rjpJd raporoc *r dunp/ovcr- • EncjphjLjlrd reflective piping ■ Suptf Cam cylinder band grips the main cylinder * Fipjrsdjblc £uvsct away from the body minimi sing iqueeze optional mini-cylinder Standard nlr* return on the CornnUAdo; - AdditrfKial vefcnvscjlcd ltd* pocket • 9 wefchd uainteu O nngi mfh the 2 it the fhouUen pre-bcrrt to off the packet for euy...

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The BL'ODI tiplum it M high tpcc tport ptlrt buitt k> exactly the umc fJpxuui ttandardt in quality performance and comfen nprttrd of alt BUDDY BCQk in developing ihif BCD w haw m*dc ab*olu*ty no compromise tn the cwnufll* and itwn added value aiiuhiTticaily And rt)pnomic*lty ID cnr*» one oi out finm jacket!

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what ^^d^-yolbdlscDya^ K> m*ki> your dwng ** cocnlomWc and naponww VUp mtfiidc ytw comfort /oo»-ii

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» New element :: comfort-Fit system - anatomically contoured, fully padded and adjustable ED I he finest degree at shoulders, waist and back plate ■■ Optional Rapid flelease System for Either integraled weights or cargo clips ■ Choice of emergency breathing, valves and optional mini-cylinder ■■ 3 easy-grip rapid response air dump/over- pressure valves ■ Reflective piping, for enhanced visibility » Super Cam cylinder band grips the main cylinder with absolute security * New and unique stabilising cradle backpack eliminates lank roll » Chunky-zip side pockets * Fbldaway 5MB pouch at rear ■■...

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