Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware 2011-12 - 104 Pages

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Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware 2011-12

Catalog excerpts

Welcome to the Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware catalogue... Here you will find the extensive range of quality sailboat performance hardware manufactured at Allen Brothers' UK factory. As a manufacturer our job is to make products that work. For the discerning racing sailor looking for the best, we have created the widest range of hardware that combines reliability, efficiency, strength, size and weight with value for money - and it looks good too! Merging tradition, functionality and protocols that have evolved throughout sailing history, with the latest modern materials and...

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High tension blocks Lightweight plain bearing Plain bearing blocks Plain bearing reinforced blocks Snatch blocks Vang blocks Springs - stainless steel Cleat wedges Mainsheet jammers Mast cleats Nylon open cleat Plain bearing jammer Swivel cleats Pump action cleat DECK HARDWARE Anchor plates Deck bushes Self tacking jib system S/S Lacing eyes & eye straps Sliding fairleads & sheet leads Snatch fairleads & lacing hooks Stanchion mounted blocks Track slides Traveller cars RUDDER ACCESSORIES Rudder pintéis & gudgeons Tiller extension universal joints Tiller extension Tiller extension - carbon...

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Brothers Tony and Glenn were introduced to engineering at a young Wlearnt how to design and produce parts for working model )Comotives and aeroplanes which their father Henry Allen had Enthusiasm for building in the garden workshop. During a trip with a group of friends to Burnham-on-Crouch, a well-known sailing centre on the East Coast of England, they saw a fleet of racing dinghies sail by. They were so impressed with these sleek sailing boats that they went along to the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club to find out more. There they met an American called Beecher Moore who convinced them that...

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We have the capacity to produce thousands of different products, with a huge archive of tooling and the resources to fulfill the requirements of the marine trade and the discerning sailor, from mass production In-house resources include: Design & CAD modelling - using the advanced Pro-Engineer CAD software our design team can quickly develop new ideas and designs into computer models, which can be structurally assessed with our Ansys computer simulated stress analysis software. Prototype models can be seen within hours using our Dimension 3D part printer. Tool making - finished designs are...

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A block is a single or multiple pulley. One or more sheaves are enclosed in an assembly between cheeks. In use a block is fixed to the end of a line, to a spar, or to a surface. Rope or line is threaded through the sheaves. Some blocks have a ratchet, which means that they turn freely when you pull a line in one direction but do not turn in the other direction. This makes a line easier to hold especially on a windy day.

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"Allen blocks are currently the best on the market John Pink The Dynamic Bearing Track Mechanism System Twin stainless steel ball bearing cassette Stainless steel rails Work on our range of blocks has headed the effort to find new standards We invented the science behind the patented Allen dynamic bearing technology, and all our high performing blocks use this as a basis of the inner bearing system. We also invented and patented the Ultra-strap technology a very narrow strap of high strength stainless steel, which can be lashed without the fear of line abrasion associated with The sheaves...

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Dynamic bearing blocks Maximum performance from the smallest ball bearing block. Single with lacing eye Ezi-Ti with Ti- lock Swivel head Multi function Fork head Forked swivel head Single linked with offset lacing eye

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Cheek with profix Composite cheek Triple, cleat & becket A4251 Through deck - single 4 holes A4351 Double through deck 2 holes A4450G Double with strong fork A4451 Through deck - single 2 holes Through deck

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Dynamic bearing blocks With the Allen dynamic bearing technology at the heart of this block, the line friendly soft contours allowing articulation and stainless steel cheeks, the 30mm dynamic block will easily handle maximum loads and give unrivalled performance. Dynamic bearing block; A2030GTI CNC machined aluminium Ezi-Ti A2030LZ Single with lacing eye Ezi-Ti with Ti-lock Multi function Swivel fork Breaking Load Double with becket Triple with becket Cheek block with profix

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Dynamic Bearing Blocks An essential piece of equipment with a range of applications, this block is suitable for mainsheet, jib, spinnaker and vang systems. Designed with a clever stainless steel anchor strap and Allen dynamic bearing technology for performance and durability. Stainless steel dynamic inner bearing Cold forged soft radius head Anchor formed fixing point reduces rivet size Stainless steel inner bearing Stainless steel ball bearings 40mm swivel block with 20mm fiddle block

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Dynamic bearing blocks This range was designed particularly for the catamaran and sportsboat market. It can be used in a variety of applications from jib sheet to mainsheet systems. It has a large central hole for tie-on becket requirements and the high quality design and engineering is noticeably in a league of its own. Double with becket Triple with becket Quad with becket Triple Inc. ratchet & cleat With strap on 40mm block S/Steel becket adaptor for double/triple or quad wvwv.allenbrothers.

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Composite sheave Ratchet blocks Delrin ball bearings Allen Brothers were pioneers in the development of the first automatic ratchets some 15+ years ago. The clever internal mechanism is designed to activate when the block is under load - as every sailor knows this can make all the difference on a long spinnaker reach or upwind beat. Over the years glitches in performance have been resolved and the latest incarnation 'Ezi-ratchet' is one of the most reliable and effective on the market. New to the range are our switchable ratchet blocks allowing the mechanism to be switched on or off. The...

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BLOCKS Switchable ratchet Compact performance for spinnaker trimming with stability and grip. A2140 Part Description Length mm Line Dia mm Shackle Pin mm A2140 Pro-rachet 78 6 Breaking Load kg 4 Weight g 40 Switchable ratchet This block has a ratchet mechanism that can be switched on and off, even under load and the swivel head can be locked in a fixed position. A cheek converter allows port or starboard deck mounting. New Product for 2011 A2160 A2161 A2166 A2163 Part Description Length mm Line Dia mm Shackle Pin mm Breaking Load kg Weight g Hole Centres mm Hole Size mm A2160 Pro-ratchet...

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