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Abi Trailers 2108 Brochure

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Abi Trailers S.r.l. Via Alessandro Coppi, 40 41043 Formigine (MO) Italy Tel. +39 059 558392 Mail: info@abitrailer.com Civil and Industrial solution for Mining, Wind Transportation, Tunneling, Shipyard and more

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Our Experience as permitted the delivery of our products in every part of the world, our force is the possibility to offer a customized product for all client’s request. Our Company born with the productions of self-propelled trailer for Marinas & Shipyard, able in a few years to become leader in Italy and Europe Market in the planning of more and more varied and efficient lifting and transport for the nautical sector. Our strength is also dictated by the variety of products for boat lifting & transport such as: Self-Propelled Trailers Towed Trailers Amphibious Trailers Self-Propelled...

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Self-propelled public road motorizzati anfibi Amphibian self-propelled These trailers are the best solution in order to exploit the spaces in shipyards as well as in the marinas, since they allow to place the boats in contact with each other, which is impossible with Travelifts and rather difficult and dangerous with traditional tow trucks. The operational principle is extremely simple: the trailer, having a U-shape in low position, is placed under the boat and, after putting the lifting supports in contact with the hull, is then lifted thus loading the boat, which is laid to the ground again...

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All Self Propelled trailers have self-leveling system on front wheels that permitted to keep the boat at orizzontal level. All self-propelled trailers are equipped with remote radio

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All motorised trailers are equipped with a self-levelling system on the front wheel units, which enables to keep the boat horizontally also when one of the wheels meets depressions, potholes, ate...

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OPTIONAL In order to customise the trailers and make them mostly suited to the customers' needs, ABI-TRAILERS has developed interesting and innovative solutions (optional) which allow to modify gauge (width) and wheel base (length). In this way the operator can always count on the best trailer configuration so as to handle any boats and/or cradles. The 90° steering (optional), that all our trailers can equip, guarantees all operations in small spaces by keeping our standards of high efficiency and minimum maintenance.

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The boat hitching can be made directly on the pads (which can be extended manually or hydraulically) or, in the case of sailing boats having a deep bulb, special extensions are introduced between the trailer and the boat in order to allow for their lifting and handling. Moreover, special cradle supports enable to lift and handle a boat being fixed on a cradle.

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Road motorised trailers are planned and manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force and are homologated as operating machines (yellow plate) for road use. The homologated trailer is thus the ideal means for those whose shipyard is not on the sea and need a multipurpose means being able to load the boat in the shipyard, transport it as far as its destination place and lay it on the ground without having to rent a tow truck, a truck Etc... with all the related management problems (time spent in the shipyard waiting for the tow truck o the truck etc.). Road trailers manufactured...

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ABI-TRAILERS also manufacture amphibian trailers, particularly suited far shipyards having a cement slip with about 10% slope. Special motorised amphibian trailer, equipped with the Opan/Closad system described on page 00. Both the control place and the Diesel-hydraulic unit are mounted on special telescopic devices which enable to keep them always at due distance from water.

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Special trailers once again highlight the highly innovative boost and customisation effort which are typical of ABI-TRAILERS. ABI-TRAILERS have always paid special attention to safeguarding the environment, thus conceiving and implementing the first electrically-powered trailer. This trailer represents the right solution for those who have to often operate inside hangars and need therefore to work quietly without contributing to air and noise pollution. It is also extremely useful for those who have to operate inside the marinas, since it enables to work without disturbing the guests.

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TOWED TRAILERS Amphibian towed trailer, equipped with an Open/Closed hydraulic system already described. All movements are hydraulically controlled. It only needs a normal tractor for towing and feeding the necessary hydraulic power to the trailer system. U-shaped trailers can undergo tliE boat, fix thE supports with rubbEr-coatEd platES to the hull and then lift thE wholE trailer in order to remove thE fixed supports on thE ground and release thE boat. ThESE trailers have been conceived to work on thE ground (they are not amphibian) and can bE towEd by any tractor owned by thE...

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Sede Operativa Headquarters Via Alessandro Coppi, 40 41043 Formigine (Mo) - Italy Ph. +39 059 558 392 Fax +39 059 578 021 E-mail : info@abi-trailer.com Ascom Spa Via della fornace,IB 41043 Formigine (MO)

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