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Catalogue excerpts

Benefits that count VTR – Proven reliability over the years The VTR . . 4 series of turbochargers is designed for two-stroke low-speed and four-stroke medium-speed, heavy-duty diesel and gas engines with ratings ranging from 700 kW to about 18,500 KW per turbocharger. The design of the VTR with its easily maintained external bearings has proved its worth many thousands of times over in its main fields of application – on marine propulsion engines, especially at part load, and in stationary power plants, on units burning heavy oil and in continuous operation. The high pressure-charging capability...

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Design features Bearings and lubrication External bearings External bearings have important benefits for most applications in which medium-size and large turbochargers are used. For example, they are easily accessible, which simplifies and speeds up servicing. And because the bearings can be removed without having to dismantle the compressor wheel, there is no need to manoeuvre large, heavy shafts when servicing them. The rotor shafts can also be removed without having to dismantle the air and gas pipes. The oil pumps that are used can be seen in table 2. Sleeve bearings with external lubrication...

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Design features Casings and cooling Gas and air casings The gas inlet, gas outlet and compressor casings are split vertically and bolted together. The three casings and the supports can be turned with respect to one another in increments of 15 or 30 degrees, giving the engine designer maximum freedom for mounting the turbocharger on the engine. Gas inlet casing A large range of casings is available, with gas inlets in different numbers and different arrangements for greater flexibility when matching the turbocharger to the various charging systems, engine types (vee or in-line), and cylinder numbers....

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Turbine and compressor VTR turbochargers are fitted with single-stage axial turbines and radial compressors. The different turbine blade heights and large number of guide vane (nozzle ring) variants, as well as different compressor wheel widths and a range of diffusers, afford optimum matching of engines and turbocharger operating characteristics. Removal of the rotor shaft With VTR turbochargers there is no need to disconnect any air, gas or water pipes when removing the rotor shaft, nozzle rings or diffusers. The rotor shaft can be withdrawn in four easy steps. After taking off the filter-silencer...

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Design features Power range Volume flow Before a turbocharger can be precisely specified, factors such as the turbine blades, guide vanes and compressor wheel variants have to be considered. This is an area where only close collaboration with trained and experienced turbocharger specialists at ABB Turbo Systems Ltd will ensure the optimum supercharging solution. The capacity ranges of the various VTR turbochargers shown here can be used as an initial selection guide to dentify the optimum VTR size for a particular engine.

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Design features Casing dimensions The principal space requirement and engine attachment configuration can be determined from the overall dimensions shown in the table. Detailed dimensional data should be taken from the drawings ABB Turbo Systems provides for each size Also indicated are the oil flows required for self-lubrication of the antifriction bearings on the compressor and turbine sides. The oil must be changed after 500 to 1000 hours of opera- tion, depending on its quality and the work cycle. Turbine oils are preferred to engine oils (particularly engine oils with addi- tives for heavy...

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