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Catalogue excerpts

Product information Our 2-stroke turbocharging propulsion booster

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Powerful turbochargers for peak engine performance 75 % of a diesel engine’s power relies on one vital component – the turbocharger. The ultimate goals of turbocharged engine development are higher power and efficiency – two areas in which ABB’s TPL turbochargers make a vital contribution. The TPL-B series was developed for large, modern, low-speed 2-stroke diesel engines on ocean-going ships and in diesel power stations. Five frame sizes cover the engine output range of 3,000 to 28,000 kW per turbo charger. TPL turbochargers increase engine bmep and lower fuel consumption, while also helping...

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Built with the user in mind The number of parts has been minimized to keep lifecycle costs low and shorten the time needed for overhauls and service. The design of the TPL-B is fully aligned with market requirements. TPL-B turbochargers meet customers’ as well as end-users’ need for a simpler construction with fewer parts, greater efficiency at higher pressures, and reduced engine emissions. Built to be robust and reliable, with a long operational life, TPL-B turbochargers have numerous innovative features that also keep them compact. Service can be carried out faster, even in confined spaces,...

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Benefits that count Simple, rugged and compact - the TPL-B is designed to keep your running costs low. Internal plain bearings, lubricated by engine lube oil Long bearing lifetime Large-diameter radial compressor with backswept blades Wide compressor map for optimized matching in all applications Free-floating axial bearing disk; radial bearing bushes High availability and reliability; increased TBO Oil inlet and outlet at bottom Easy to service work in confined spaces possible No water cooling No corrosion no additional piping Variable positioning of casings and flanges_Optimized installation_

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Design features Turbine and compressor. Compressor The compressor features a single piece, splitter-bladed aluminum alloy wheel with backswept blades for a wide map and peak efficiencies of more than 86 %. Use of largediameter compressor wheels ensures high volume flow rates for optimized matching to the engine application. Different trims ensure that all 2-stroke market requirements are met. Turbine The TPL-B turbocharger’s axial turbine is designed for the very high efficiencies and volume flow rates required by the 2-stroke diesel engine market. Featuring wide chord blading, without lacing...

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Design features Bearing lifetime Benefiting from experience gained with over 50,000 ABB turbochargers with plain bearings in service worldwide, TPL plain bearings are designed to run for 36,000 hours before being changed. ABB developed the new bearing assembly for direct lubri- cation by the engine lube oil system. The main axial bearing consists of a free-floating thrust disk with profiles on both sides, rotating at about half the rotor speed. This ensures thick oil films, offering extra-high resistance to wear caused by contaminated oil. Disk wear is also reduced by the appli- cation of an extremely...

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Emergency lube oil system An emergency lube oil system to ensure safe runout of the turbocharger rotor if the lubrication system fails is a standard feature of the TPL-B series. TPL 91-B and TPL 85-B turbochargers have the emergency oil system integrated in the bearing casing for compactness and to minimize the oil flange connections. Smaller sizes have a tank mounted on top of the bearing casing. The system works by gravity and requires no auxiliaries. Optimized casing design TPL-B casings are optimized for applications on 2-stroke engines. Excellent flow dynamics and minimized thermal stress...

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