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Catalogue excerpts

Service information Original Service Wellness for your wallet

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The ABB Turbocharging Original Service commitment As a market and technology leader, ABB Turbocharging is committed to delivering high quality turbocharger products and services for engines with outputs over 500 kW. This commitment takes two complementary forms: – Building the best turbochargers in the business – Assisting customers to maintain those turbochargers in peak condition and at optimum performance throughout their entire life cycle Only in this way can ABB Turbocharging enable consistently high levels of engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions at economic maintenance costs....

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Proactive solutions Our proactive Original Service solutions center on our: – OPAC Operation Performance Package – MMA Maintenance Management Agreements – AMA Auxiliary Engine Maintenance Agreements These offerings provide simplified scheduling and monitoring of work and Original Parts procurement, while allowing servicing to be coordinated with engine operating schedules. OPAC With OPAC, engine operators delegate maintenance, repair and planned overhauls of turbochargers entirely to the global ABB Turbocharging Service network. Eligible for OPAC delegated servicing are 2- and 4-stroke diesel...

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First class logistics Emphasizing our promise of 98 % Original Parts availability, the following case study illustrates the smooth working of ABB spares logistics even where Original Parts are not currently in stock and must be manufactured. Dateline Panama / Switzerland, time difference 7 hours, fast track delivery of rotor parts to ABB Service Station Panama * – Tuesday, a.m. Panama: customer accepts ABB offer for repair of two rotors. Parts order placed with Switzerland Service Center. Delivery required Friday, p.m. Panama. – Tuesday, 16:30 Switzerland, 09:30 Panama: impeller not in stock,...

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ABB Turbocharging Original Parts The cornerstone of turbocharger reliability, efficiency and availability. 1, 2, 3 The accuracy of the complex aerodynamic shapes of turbine and impeller blades is crucial to turbocharger efficiency. 4, 5, 6 The surface quality of air and gas path parts is vital in preventing aerodynamic losses. 7, 8, 9 Before and after. The strength and ductility of turbocharger housings are central to preventing disintegrated rotor parts breaking out and putting life and property at risk. 9 Badly distorted, this original ABB housing nonetheless passed its “containment test”. 1

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The high quality of ABB Turbocharging Original Parts is the bedrock of their performance. They incorporate all the technology, knowledge and experience of turbocharger design and operation available only to the OEM. By choosing only ABB Turbocharging Original Parts, your turbocharger will be restored as close as possible to its day one condition. The result is the power, emissions, fuel consumption, availability and life cycle costs you expect from your engine. As well as producing parts for service on the same high technology machine tools as parts for new turbochargers, and according to original...

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Non original parts and non original service – worth the money? Rectifying turbocharger faults arising from non original parts and non original service has become a core competence at ABB Turbocharging Service Stations. Geometry The efficiency of turbochargers depends on tight tolerances between their moving parts and casings. Turbocharger rotor to housing clearances are precisely calculated to maximize efficiency. They are in the region of 0.66 millimeter – the thickness of about 5 human hairs. Nonetheless, in a logarithmic progression, an increase of only 0.1 millimeter would mean the loss of...

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Network standards Global uniformity To ensure a uniform, rapid response to the needs of turbocharger end users and consistent standards of workmanship, all ABB Turbocharging Service Stations: – Are equipped to the same high technical standards – Use the same, frequently updated turbocharger servicing practices ABB Turbocharging ensures the highest quality in a finished Original Service using Original Parts via the continuous qualification of our service engineers. The human element Having Original Parts and the best OEM equipment is only part of the equation. The benefits of OEM know-how that...

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Customer proximity In the past five years ABB Turbocharging has invested heavily in its network of wholly owned turbocharger Service Stations. The current count is over 100 Service Stations, strategically located at major centers of large engine activity. Where engines are built, used and maintained Typical ABB Turbocharging sites include major seagoing and inland waterway ports; centers of shipbuilding; areas of oil and gas exploration and production; clusters of diesel and gas engined power and cogeneration plants; mineral rich regions with open cast mining; major locomotive builders and rail...

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SIKO Safety Design Concept Your turbocharger is a bundle of energy. With the SIKO Safety Design Concept, ABB Turbocharging has a potent tool for proactively managing and controlling this source of power. Original Parts and SIKO The ideal counterpart to ABB Original Parts, the SIKO Safety Design Concept is ABB Turbo charging’s central tool for establishing maximum running time parameters for vital turbocharger components. It involves the definition of the optimum number of running hours for a given component before its replacement. It results in the assignment of an effective lifetime for that...

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© 2012 ABB Turbo Systems Ltd, Baden / Switzerland ABB Turbocharging Service network Aalborg · Aberdeen · Adana · Algeciras · Antwerp · Baden · Bangkok · Barcelona · Bergen · Bremerhaven · Brisbane · Buenos Aires · Busan · Cape Town · Casablanca Cebu · Chennai · Chicago · Chittagong · Chongqing · Colombo · Copenhagen · Dakar · Dalian · Dar es Salaam · Davao · Delhi · Dortmund · Douala · Dubai Durban · Fort de France · Freeport · Fukuoka · Gdansk · Genova · Gothenburg · Guangzhou · Guatemala City · Hakodate · Hamburg · Helsinki · Hong Kong Houston · Incheon · Istanbul · Izmir · Jakarta · Jeddah...

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