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Product information Our turbocharging platform for your rail engine

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Powerful turbochargers for the long haul 75 % of a locomotive diesel engine’s power relies on one vital component – the turbocharger. Diesel locomotive engines operate with duty cycles and in environments that make unique demands on the performance and reliability of their turbochargers. The TPR is ABB’s dedicated railroad turbocharger, with features developed specifically for long haul and heavy shunting applications. ABB has designed the TPR single stage turbocharger for modern medium-speed engines used on heavy duty locomotives. Components proven in the field ensure high durability and...

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Purpose-built The TPR has design features geared especially to heavy duty railroad use. The TPR turbocharger takes special account of the heavy duty work performed by long haul and heavy shunting locomotives: load variation due to acceleration and dynamic braking, high temperatures in tunnels, and the effect of altitude operation. A unique, compact construction with single entry gas inlet and a patented integrated foot is combined in the TPR with a purpose-built, high efficiency turbine stage and a single-piece compressor wheel, without bore, for long times between overhauls. Life cycle...

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Increased bearing lifetime The TPR turbocharger’s bearing assembly is designed for direct lubrication by the engine lube oil system. The main axial bearing consists of a free-floating thrust disk with profiles on both sides, rotating at about half the rotor speed. The effect of this design is to lower friction losses and increase the thrust bearing’s ability to compensate for shaft inclination. Disk wear is reduced by an extremely hard coating that offers very high resistance to abrasion caused by contaminated oil. The nonrotating, three-lobe radial bearing bushes are centered in a squeeze...

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Extended capabilities Compressor technology pushes the boundaries. TPR platform compressor pressure ratio vs. volumetric flow range ␲ c [-] Compressor pressure ratio F compressor technology Incorporation of ABB’s F compressor technology, featuring air recirculation for better surge margins and enlarged map widths, has brought new benefits to the TPR turbocharger series. This compressor platform is especially suitable for emissions compliant engines used in a wide range of locomotive duties. Two compressor stages, F32 and F33, are available for both TPR frame sizes, offering compressor...

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Emissions and Miller timing Win-win with high pressure turbocharging. While the potential high pressure turbocharging brings to engine performance is undisputed, it is for the engine builder to decide how much of the benefit should be used to reduce emissions and how much should be employed for lowering fuel consumption and for locomotive operation field flexibility. TPR-F compressor technology supports engine builders’ and end users’ efforts to comply with current as well as future emissions legislation by allowing Miller timing to be used to reduce combustion temperatures and NOx...

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From fixed to flexible Variable Turbine Geometry takes to the rails. Higher engine operation flexibility is also available through Variable Turbine Geometry. VTG’s key benefit is that it allows flexible adjustment of boost pressure along the engine’s operating line, leading to precise control of the air / fuel ratio for optimized combustion and enabling emissions to be reduced while maximizing engine efficiency and improving part-load behavior. Developed by ABB, VTG has been successfully applied on TPS and TPL turbochargers. It allows, through adjustment of the turbine nozzle vanes, exact...

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Serviceability Scheduling for a long turbocharger lifetime. Long intervals between overhauls are a top priority for railway operators. ABB provides a service concept that has unit exchange at its center. It involves the removal of the entire turbocharger from the engine after a specified time and the replacement with a new or overhauled unit. Exchanged turbocharger units come with the same functionality and a restored performance comparable with that of new units, resulting in renewed engine power, fuel economy, low emissions and high reliability for the next operational period within the...

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Rail Photoprints / John Day A strong track record Field experience confirms TPR reliability. TPR turbochargers are built to standards that ensure long component lifetimes and highest reliability under operating conditions. To date, almost 2000 TPR turbochargers are successfully operating on main line locomotives in India and China and more than 50 million running hours have already been accumulated worldwide. ABB Turbocharging technology has also been introduced on US-built and Russian locomotives in commercial operation. A global service network Operators of locomotives equipped with TPR...

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