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TPL-A turbocharger

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Product information TPL-A Our 4-stroke turbocharging power maker

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Power, performance and reliability Highest engine power and efficiency rely on one vital component – the turbocharger. The ultimate goals of turbocharged-engine development are higher power, increased efficiency and reduced emissions – areas in which ABB’s TPL turbochargers make a vital contribution. The TPL-A series was developed for 4-stroke diesel and gas engines in marine propulsion and marine and landbased power generation applications. The TPL design concept provides a robust and reliable platform for engines with outputs ranging from 2,500 kW to the highest in their class. In...

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Benefits that count The TPL-A has a whole range of features designed to keep your running costs down. Radial compressor with backswept blades; different trims available M?!e..£?JJHel?0I.m^ Compressor wheel cooling Safe, reliable operation at high pressure ratios High-performance axial turbine with different stagger angles and trims; Suitable for different turbocharging systems; optimized matching with lacing wire Free-floating axial bearing disc; radial bearing bushes High reliability and longer times between overhauls with squeeze oil damper Bearing assembly lubricated by engine lube oil...

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Design features Turbine and compressor. Turbine The TPL-A turbocharger’s axial turbine is designed for high efficiencies and high volume flow rates. Different stagger angles and the use of lacing wire to damp vibration in the larger units make the TPL-A turbine suitable for pulse as well as constant pressure turbo charging systems. Variable turbine geometry is available as an option for applications with changing operating or ambient conditions. Up to now, market requirements have been covered by two compressor stages. The TPL-A10 compressor achieves a pressure ratio of 4.2, high specific...

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Design features Recommended bearing lifetime Benefiting from experience gained on considerably more than 50,000 ABB turbochargers with plain bearings in service worldwide, TPL plain bearings are designed to run for up to 36,000 hours before being exchanged. ABB developed the new bearing assembly for direct lubrication by the engine lube oil system. The main axial bearing consists of a free-floating thrust disk with profiles on both sides, rotat- ing at about half the rotor speed for minimized losses. An extremely hard special coating ensures extra-high resistance to wear caused by...

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Optimized casing design TPL-A casings have been optimized for applications on 4-stroke engines. Excellent fluid dynamics and minimized thermal stress are ensured. Features include integrated waste gate flanges, temperature and pressure measurement connections. All-round insulation minimizes the turbocharger noise level and casing surface temperature. ABB turbocharger qualification tests Tests include: – Resonance endurance – Low cycle fatigue – Temperature cycle – Hot shutdown – Oil tightness – Compressor containment – Turbine containment – Blade vibration – Thrust bearing – Noise

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