Synchronous generators for diesel and gas engines, Proven generators - Reliable power - 10 Pages

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Synchronous generators for diesel and gas engines, Proven generators - Reliable power

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Synchronous generators for diesel and gas engines Proven generators – reliable power

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We provide motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond. 2 Synchronous generators for diesel and gas engines | ABB Motors and Generators

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The world’s leading supplier of generators network of local service centers enables us to provide fast response and competent support wherever our generators are installed. This allows our customers to minimize downtime and maximize power production. ABB is the world’s leading supplier of electric motors and generators. We have been manufacturing industrial motors and generators for more than a century, and today our product portfolio covers the power range from 15 kVA to 70 MVA. Over the years we have supplied more GWh of power in diesel and gas engine applications than anyone else in the...

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Broadest range covers all applications Our range of synchronous generators is one of the widest in the market, covering all land-based and marine applications, so customers can be sure that we can supply the right product for their needs. Our comprehensive range also gives them the option of doing business with a single vendor, enabling them to save time and cut costs by streamlining their purchasing processes. ABB low voltage (LV) generators for industrial applications combine the cost efficiency of a standard design with a full selection of options, enabling deployment in a wide range of...

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Standard low voltage (LV) generators Frame sizes    180-500 60 Hz: 415-480 V (Y). 240-277 (A) For frame sizes 180-355, YY and AA (with 12 leads) and single phase operation with single phase rating are available. Modular low voltage (LV) generators Frame sizes    400-630 at 60 Hz. Other voltages also available. Maximum outputs at different speeds, modular LV generators For outputs at 400, 450 or 690 V depending on the current and frequency, temperature rise class F, inlet cooling air 50°C, power factor 0.80 Modular high voltage (HV) generators Frame sizes    710-2500 Maximum outputs at...

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Partner with a market leader ABB has become a market leader by listening carefully to our customers, helping them to determine exactly what kind of generators they require, and then supplying products that not only meet their needs but also help them to cut costs through better reliability and efficiency. We strongly believe that the best results are achieved by going beyond the traditional idea of sales. We seek to engage with our customers, understand their business and help them to achieve their goals. In many cases, deep and long-standing relationships with customers have led to the...

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Advanced technology through extensive R&D Major investments in R&D over many years have made ABB a technology leader, enabling us to supply advanced solutions that can help our customers to further improve their performance. Our R&D effort is common to our low, medium and high voltage products, so all customers can benefit from the work we do. Two main focuses of ABB’s R&D are aligned with the two main concerns of our customers: efficiency and reliability. High efficiency helps generator users to cut operating costs and provides more power for the same investment. Improved reliability...

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ABB offers a complete portfolio of services to ensure trouble-free operation and long product lifetimes. These services cover the entire life cycle, from pre purchase advice, through installation, maintenance and spare parts, to migration and upgrades. Local support is provided through a global network of ABB service centers and certified partners. The service organization uses its broad experience in generators applications to support customers’ efforts to maximize availability and reliability, and optimize process performance. Pre-purchase ABB’s front-end sales organization is equipped...

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ABB is the leading manufacturer of low, medium and high voltage motors and generators, mechanical power transmission products with an offering of a complete portfolio of services. Our in-depth knowledge of virtually every type of industrial processing ensures we always specify the best solution for your needs. Low and high voltage IEC induction motors - Process performance motors - General performance motors - High voltage cast iron motors - Induction modular motors - Slip-ring modular motors - Synchronous reluctance motors Low and medium voltage NEMA motors - Steel frame open drip proof...

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