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Stadt AC Drive-Brosjyre

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Compact solutions for marine applications

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Stadt AC Drive One of the most compact solutions on the market The Stadt AC drive was especially developed to meet the growing need and market for electric drives in marine applications. The first converter was introduced in 1995. Construction Power components (diodes and IGBT) are assembled on an aluminium cooling flange with fresh water circulating directly on the baseplate of the power component. The control section is based on microprocessor software. The AMC controls the motor according to measured signals, parameter value setting and commands from the AC80 PLC and the CDP312 control...

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Technical Data Models/Rating Model STADT 6-AC-1-2 STADT 6-AC-2-2 STADT 6-AC-3-2 STADT 6-AC-2-3 STADT 6-AC-3-3 STADT 6-AC-4-3 STADT 6-AC-5-3 STADT 6-AC-6-3 STADT 6-AC-2-4 STADT 6-AC-3-4 STADT 6-AC-4-4 STADT 6-AC-5-4 STADT 6-AC-6-4 Trafo 12-pulse 12-pulse 12-pulse 18-pulse 18-pulse 18-pulse 18-pulse 18-pulse 24-pulse 24-pulse 24-pulse 24-pulse 24-pulse SN [kVA] Drive section 1195 2271 3047 2271 3047 4063 4959 5951 2271 3047 4063 4951 5951 PN [kW] Motor 1052 1998 2681 1998 2681 3575 4364 5237 1998 2681 3575 4357 5237 Dim. [mm] HxLxW 2173x1150x1054 2173x1650x1054 2173x2150x1054 2173x1650x1054...

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Part of References, Diesel Electric Drive Systems 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 PSV, “Havila Tampen”, Havila Supply. Kleven Hull No. 295. Main propulsion 2 x 2,5 MW, 1 x 883 kW Azimut thruster, 1 x 883 kW Tunnel thruster. 2 PSV, “Viking Dynamic”, Eidesvik. Aukra Hull No. 104. Main propulsion 2 x 3,3 MW, 2 x 1 MW Tunnel thruster, 1 x 880 kW Azimut thruster. 3 Fjord crossing ferry, “Jæggevarre”, Bjørklids. Fiskerstrand Hull No. 49. Main propulsion 2 x 550 kW. 4 AHTS, “Normand Mariner”, Solstad. Ulstein Hull No. 262. 1 x 1,1 MW Compass thruster. 5 Wind turbine installation ship, “TIV-1”, Mayflower Energy....

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ABB AT Marine Ulsteinvik ABB Ulsteinvik Localized in the middle of the maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway, about 35 minutes southwest of the town Aalesund. Customers are mainly yards, ship owners, industrial companies and system houses. Our main goals are to integrate our solutions into our customers’ needs, and to deliver leading edge technology with cost-competitive pricing and servicing. We can deliver a wide range of products, from standalone units to complete power systems. Test facility and reliability Knowing that reliability is the most important factor for your success,...

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Automation Technologies Automation Technologies

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