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EMMA™ Advisory Suite The complete, easy-to-use energy management solution - including both

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TM Meeting the challenge Improve by using EMMA Advisory Suite... Today fuel costs account for up to 60% of a vessel’s operating cost. In addition to the high cost of fuel and tightening competition, new global and regional environmental regulations are challenging ship owners and operators to make energy-efficiency their top priority. ...know ...understand ...change EMMA TM Onboard Tracker - Consumption - Energy Production - Environment EMMA TM Fleetwide control - Status - Baseline - Target EMMA TM Optimizer - Engine mode - Trim - Hull cleaning The future frontrunners in the shipping industry...

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EMMA TM Advisory Suite EMMATM Advisory Suite consists of three different products for monitoring and optimization. Each product has different modules for different needs. The required modules are selected to fit the operations of the customer and vessel in question. EMMA Advisory Suite consists of the following three products: TM - EMMA Onboard Tracker TM EMMA TM Onboard Tracker The EMMA Onboard Tracker consists of a history database, a user interface, and advanced algorithms for calculating ship-wide key performance indicators (KPIs). All the KPIs are adaptive, meaning that operating conditions...

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Adaptive performance targets motivate the crew to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance EMMA™ uses ground-breaking technology to relate the operating conditions (environment, cargo, speed etc.) to the performance targets. Instead of comparing current performance to a fixed value, EMMA constantly calculates and detects good or bad performance in any given condition. The selected indicators collectively describe how energy is generated, distributed and consumed throughout the vessel. Individually they provide essential data for ongoing benchmarking and Drill down analysis from...

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