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ABB Oy Marine Merenkulkijankatu 1 P.O. Box 185 FI-00981 Helsinki Finland Phone: +358 10 2211 Fax: +358 10 222 2350 ABB AS Marine Bergerveien 12 P.O. Box 94 NO-1375 Billingstad Norway Phone: +47 03 500 Fax: +47 22 35 36 80 www. Azipod ® is a registered trademark of ABB Oy. © Copyright 2010 ABB. Sundheim-Madison Business Communication. January 2010 Contact us Azipod® Propulsion Azipod XO The new generation Azipod takes podded propulsion to a new level ® ®

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Azipod® XO An introduction to the new generation Azipod ® ® For over two decades the Azipod propulsion concept has provided the shipping industry with unique benefits in ship design, construction and operations. Now ABB takes podded propulsion to the next level with the Azipod® XO, the new generation Azipod® in the 4.5 - 25 MW power range. ® Azipod is an azimuthing electric podded propulsion system providing both vessel propulsion and steering in a single unit. Originally introduced in the late 1980's, Azipod created a revolution in ship propulsion technology. Azipod quickly established a new...

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Benefits in ship design, construction and operations Safer, more enviromental and profitable ships When launched in 2009, Royal Caribbean International´s Oasis of the Seas was around 50% bigger than the world´s next largest cruise ship. Oasis of the Seas was built at STX Europe, Turku shipyard, with a triple Azipod ® propulsion solution. The numerous benefits of Azipod ® propulsion are each important in their own right, but the full impact of Azipod ® to a ship is best realized when considering the complete vessel lifecycle. From flexibility in ship design to simplified construction and cost-effective...

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Innovative new Azipod® XO Smart solutions give lifetime payback ® When Azipod XO was launched in the autumn of 2009 it was based on 20 years of experience and almost 5,000,000 operating hours from the first generation Azipod . The new Azipod XO is easier to produce, easier to implement in different vessel types and, not least, easier to use and maintain. This means that our customers will experience higher performance with lower operational costs. ® ® Optimized hydrodynamics A comprehensive design project has resulted in a new Azipod ® XO hull. A reduced propeller hub, smaller hull diameter and...

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Azipod® XO - a modular product family Adaptable to a wide range of vessel types Shown above is an Azipod ® unit used in a contra-rotating propulsion (CRP) solution. Flexible Azipod ® XO steering propulsors shown in a twin configuration. A main goal for the development of Azipod ® XO was to make it easier to implement in a wide range of ship types. To achieve this, modularity and standardization have been core product strategies throughout the development process. Previously, customer- and vesselspecific requirements often involved product adaptation and specialized solutions, but with Azipod ®...

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Working with our customers Azipod services for the life of the ship ® From the project phase and throughout the life of the ship, ABB works closely with our customers to ensure efficient vessel design, construction and operations. A central element of our strategy of achieving low lifecycle costs with Azipod ® propulsion is to keep the Azipod ® units in peak working condition in order to maintain high ship performance and avoid off-hire. Initial Life Cycle Cost evaluation To help customers determine if Azipod ® XO is the best overall propulsion alternative for their new vessel, ABB has developed...

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