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Azipod® & CRP Azipod® Propulsion

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Cruise & Ferries: Azipod® & CRP Azipod® Propulsion When conventional just isn't enough... Azipod® is the forerunner in advanced podded propulsion technology and is creating new opportunities in modern ship design, building and operations.

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The Advantages of Azipod® Propulsion Unique Benefits C/L in ship design, building and operations B.W C/D C.O .3 NO .T C.O .2 NO .T (P . NO .T .O 1C .T F.P K VOID SPACE TA N ) &S (P S .L . W .L . S.L.W .L. OIL & (P ) &S (P CA RG O .T ) &S C/D C.O .4 NO ) &S (P OIL .T S) CA RG O ) &S SLOP HF TK O . (P C.O .5 NO ) &S (P 21000 TK. (P &S) A.P.T(P&S) S . L . W .L . TA NK P/P ROOM S T OR E W . B. T W . B. T B .L . 17000 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 14.4 M A .E . 1 2.8 M 9 .6 24. 0 36 .8 40 . 8 45 . 6 48 . 0 90 110 100 W .S . : 4, 0 00 32.0 M 32 .0 M 32.0 M 83.2 51 .2 32.0 M 1 15.2 130 140 150 160 C L...

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Flexible Azipod Solutions 2 X 6.5 MW Azlpods* for Fesco Sakhalin icebreaking offshore vessels Adaptable to a wide range of vessel types Azipod® is an inherently flexible system that can be applied in several different configurations and adapted to a broad spectrum of vessel types. The base model Azipod® is a highly optimized open water design delivered in standard sizes up to 28 MW. In addition, there is a model range designed specifically for icegoing vessels. In recent years, the industry has witnessed several benchmark vessels made possible by Azipod® propulsion. Interest and usage of...

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Akashia and Hamanasu are the largest and fastest ferries in Japan and the first vessels to take advantage of the new CRP Azipod® propulsion system. New fast-ferries with CRP Azipod" ShinNihonkai Ferry (SNF), the leading ferry operator in Japan, took delivery of two innovative RoPax newbuilds in 2004 from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. These new ferries were the world's first vessels to be installed with In their first two years of operation, the ferries have documented a remarkable 20% savings in bunker fuel consumption as compared to previous ferries on the same route, while providing higher...

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Azipod® combines leading-edge power, control technology Power & Thrust Azipod® is delivered in 7 standard sizes Azipod® is a unique azimuthing podded propulsion system providing both vessel propulsion and steering in a single unit. Developed in the late 1980's for demanding icegoing service, Azipod® has been continuously refined over the years - mechanically, electrically and hydrodynamically - and is today a highly developed and standardized product, optimized down The Azipod® unit incorporates a variable speed electric motor, and a fixed pitch propeller is mounted directly on the motor...

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From Concept to Completion... and Beyond One-lift mounting of Azipod® unit Working together with our customer ABB works closely with our customers from a very early design phase to develop and optimize the total vessel concept, contributing specialized competence and extensive experience to the project. Areas of special focus include the ship aft body and critical hydrodynamic aspects, as well as general machinery arrangement including the complete electric power plant and Azipod® propulsion solution. ABB can take full responsibility for the total equipment supply, system engineering,...

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