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Catalogue excerpts

Vessel Information and Control - VICO Introducing power of integration with marine automation, energy efficiency and safety

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ABB sets the new standard in marine automation & performance management More intelligent vessels... By combining state-of-the-art integrated automation systems with unique fleet-wide advisory and performance management solutions, we help our customers improve their vessels’ energy efficiency, availability and overall safety. Some 90 percent of global trade by volume is transported by sea, and the boom in international trade over the past decade has pushed the industry's carbon emissions to more than 3 percent of global emissions - comparable to a major national economy. Today fuel costs account...

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An integrated ABB solution - propulsion, power, automation and advisory systems - can slash fuel costs by up to 20%. Integrated Automation Electric Power & Propulsion ABB offers integrated power & control solutions for a broad spectrum of vessel types including passenger ships, oil & gas exploration vessels, LNG carriers, tankers, dry cargo ships and ice-going vessels. Based on our world-leading automation platform, we deliver seamlessly integrated solutions where energy-efficient electric power and propulsion systems are combined with advanced software tools to optimize operations, energy consumption...

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Energy Efficiency and Advisory Systems EMMA Advisory Suite and OCTOPUS Advisory Suite help the Rickmers Group operate at maximum energy efficiency - cutting fuel costs and emissions ABB’s Advisory Systems is a unique product portfolio for performance management in marine operations. It reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and increases availability and safety on a single vessel, or on a whole fleet of vessels. It is important to take energy efficiency, availability and safety into account during the design process of a new vessel or when planning the retrofit of an existing vessel. For shipyards...

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EMMA - minimize energy consumption OCTOPUS - maximize availability & safety The EMMA TM Advisory Suite is a decision-support tool to minimize the overall energy costs for individual vessels and whole fleets. It compares and analyzes the historical and current operational data of the vessel, then calculates and advises on areas for improvement with easy-to-understand displays. The solution consists of onboard & onshore modules for energy monitoring and optimization. OCTOPUS Advisory Suite is a comprehensive motion monitoring, forecasting and decision-support toolkit which improves availability...

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Marine Automation TUI Cruises’ two new-builds - Mein Schiff 3 & 4 - will reap the benefits of fully integrated ABB solutions. With ABB’s System 800xA, the crew enjoy a fully integrated ship where all systems and equipment work seamlessly together, operated from a single user environment. The market is requesting integration between power and automation more than ever. With higher demands for emission reduction and fuel efficiency, and strong growth prediction for electric and hybrid propulsion systems, integrated automation solutions will be the key to reaching the full potential of a greener...

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Empower your ship with the world’s leading automation system ABB’s System 800 Extended Automation has a true global footprint with thousands of installations worldwide. The versatility and scalability of System 800xA make it possible to meet the unique needs of individual vessel types - drilling rigs, advanced offshore support vessels and tankers, LNG carriers, cruise and ferry vessels, container and other dry cargo vessels, and a broad range of special purpose vessels. ABB Integrated Marine Automation System - main function overview: Power Manangement - Diesel Generator Monitoring System - Power...

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VICO Services - part of the global ABB Marine network 1. Cylmate ® cylinder pressure transmitter. 2. EMMA TM Inclinometer. 3. CoriolisMaster mass flowmeter. 4. Torductor ® shaft torque meter. Professionals from ABB Marine Service Centres around the world provide 24/7 support and services. ABB delivers a broad spectrum of sensors and instrumentation solutions that complete our offer within advisory systems and automation solutions. We supply a unique selection of highly developed sensors and instrumentation solutions designed specifically for ship performance management. In addition, our product...

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