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A8-1542S-DC - 2 Pages

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Outdoor Glass Bridge LED Monitors Protection against DIRECT Solar Radiation... • SOLAR ABSORBING FILTER - Reduces effect of UV & IR Radiation • LED BACKLIT DISPLAY - For Lower Heat & Higher Reliability • MULTI-TOUCH (Optional) - Projected Capacitance Technology • WATERPROOF CONNECTORS - Power, Source Inputs & Comms • 8 SOURCE INPUTS - Includes DVI-D, RGB & Composite • BUILT-IN HMI TOUCH CONTROLS - LED Backlit Operator Buttons • UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE - Wide Range 9 to 36V DC Input • COMPLIANCE - ABS, DNV, LR, RINA, IEC: 60945 / 61174 / 62388 Its common knowledge that given time, ultraviolet radiation bleaches out colours and that the heat producing effect of infrared radiation has a negative effect on the liquid crystals and components in a LCD Display Panel. Each Monitor is equipped with software configurable RS232 and RS485 ports enabling communications between monitors connected to a Host PC or 3rd Party OEM products. AAdaptiv’s software utility allows you to address individual monitors using RS485 over a network. AAdaptiv’s Outdoor Glass Bridge Monitor design incorprates laminated safety glass with custom solarDEFIANT™ filter technology. This increases performance and protection against solar radiation in direct sunlight applications resulting in higher reliability and overall product longevity. Standard features include: Deep Dimming Backlight Brightness control down to less than 1 cd/m² (NIT) to meet ECDIS requirements. Automatic ambient light sensor, Remote Control and waterproof connectors. All Monitors are equipped with dimable LED Backlit Touch Sensitive controls built into the custom glass front bezel providing easy local operator control for: Backlight Brightness, OSD Functionality and Signal Source. AAdaptiv’s Outdoor Monitors offer identical glass design aesthetics, operational functionality and mechanical interchangeablility with our standard Glass Bridge series. AADAPTIV .COM A Command Decision The latest precision bonding techniques are used in production to enhance performance; for example, the Front Bezel ‘Edge 2 Edge’ laminated safety glass is optically bonded to the LCD Display Panel for clarity. Compliance includes ABS, DNV, LR, RINA, IEC 60945 (Marine Communications), IEC 62388 (Radar/AIS/ARPA), IEC 61174 (ECDIS) and IACS E10. Factory option: Multi-touch gestures Touchscreen... AAdaptiv Technologies Maidstone, United Kingdom T: +44 845 224 3045 AAdaptiv Technologies Fort Lauderdale, United States T: +1 954 302 8675 AAdaptiv Technologies København, Denmark T: +45 3526 3262

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General Specifications: Outdoor Glass Bridge LED Backlit Monitors SPECIFICATIONS Product Number Display Size Display Type Display Ratio Backlight Brightness Backlight Type Backlight Life Dimming Range Resolution - Native Resolution Range Signal Input Sources x2 DVI-D ( Digital via DVI-I ) x2 RGB ( VGA via DVI-I ) x4 Composite ( BNC ) x2 DVI-D ( Digital via DVI-I ) x2 RGB ( VGA via DVI-I ) x4 Composite ( BNC ) x2 DVI-D ( Digital via DVI-I ) x2 RGB ( VGA via DVI-I ) x4 Composite ( BNC ) Input Voltage Power Consumption Operating Temp. ‘Edge 2 Edge’ 6mm Thick Laminated Front Safety Glass Bonded to...

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