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Catalogue excerpts

3M Fillers, Putties & Glazes Industrial Solutions YouYou Expect Trust Results

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Premium Body Fillers 3M premium fillers with adhesion promoters, offer the very best in all-around performance. Our premium fillers adhere to virtually any surface including wood, metal, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass and concrete. They are also non-staining, non-shrinking, creamy and are great for building plugs, patterns, molds, prototypes and general repair to composite parts. 3M premium fillers are easy to sand and are manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients. Part Number Marson™ Platinum™ Body Filler Marson™ Platinum™ Body Filler Marson™ Platinum™ Body Filler Marson™...

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Finishing Glazes 3M finishing glazes are the right choice when contouring and finishing surfaces or repairing minor surface imperfections prior to painting. Each product is self-leveling and easy to apply and sand. They will not stain/bleed through paint and adhere to most surfaces, including primed and painted surfaces. Part Number Name 1091 Dynatron™ Dyna Maxx™ Finishing Glaze 24 fl.oz.Tube 1097 Dynatron™Xtra Glaze™ Finishing Glaze 24 fl. oz. Tube 591 Dynatron™ Dyna-Glaze™ Finishing Glaze 24 fl. oz. Tube Reinforced Fillers 3M's line of reinforced filler products offers users a unique and flexible...

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Spreaders A special, flexible spreading edge makes precise application of body fillers, putties and glazes a breeze. Cured body filler will easily pop off the spreader, allowing it to be reused. Part Number Dynatron™ Spreader Dynatron™ Spreader Marson™ Spreader Yellow Yellow Black Mixing Boards Clean, wax-free surface for mixing body filler. Cured body filler can be easily removed, allowing repeat uses or use the disposable paper board that offers a non-porous, wax-free surface and easy disposal. Part Number Dynatron™ Mixing Board Marson™ Disposable Paper Mixing Board Hardeners Specially designed...

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