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Marina software brochure - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Technopôle Anticipa - Entries, departures, - Waiting list, - Automatic research, - Simulation, Optimization, - Online reservations.

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DAILY MANAGEMENT The marina's management tool centralizes the whole information relating to the entries, A simplified take in hand facilitates management Forms allow recording boats and owners You choose the characteristics to be retained. A data base ensures the safeguard of these The contracts' edition is done automatically at The invoice system can process year's hirings, casual transit, wintering as well as careenage when that exists. GESTION AVANCEE The application is based on interactive maps : general plan of the infrastructures of the port, a space for simulation and optimization. A system...

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automatically posted up in order to prepare daily work. The Controls are taken into account (invoices The replacement of the counterfoil books can thus be done with the agreement of your tax Receipts are calculated automatically. In order to optimize the filling of the marina, we can propose a simulation module. Its access is generally restricted to the harbour master by a login and a password. It allows you to "virtually" modify port The catways can be moved with the mouse. Their precise positioning is possible by the attribution of numerical values. A statistical tool is integrated into the...

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ONLINE RESERVATION The online reservation (by Internet) permit to increase the fréquentation of tourist That can be applied to the marinas and to thus contribute to their profitability. To this end, we designed a innovating module giving the possibility to the Net surfers to reserve a site for specific period. This functionality can be integrated into the software when it is already on line. It can also be the subject of a special Web application. In both cases, the manager ensures the final validation of the reservation according to the fixed payment (reception of an instalment and/or telephone...

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